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...23 handlePathRedirects(mux, pkgRedirects, "/pkg/")24 handlePathRedirects(mux, cmdRedirects, "/cmd/")25 for prefix, redirect := range prefixHelpers {26 p := "/" + prefix + "/"27 mux.Handle(p, PrefixHandler(p, redirect))28 }29 for path, redirect := range redirects {30 mux.Handle(path, Handler(redirect))31 }32 // NB: /src/pkg (sans trailing slash) is the index of packages.33 mux.HandleFunc("/src/pkg/", srcPkgHandler)34 mux.HandleFunc("/cl/", clHandler)35 mux.HandleFunc("/change/", changeHandler)36 mux.HandleFunc("/design/", designHandler)37}38func handlePathRedirects(mux *http.ServeMux, redirects map[string]string, prefix string) {39 for source, target := range redirects {40 h := Handler(prefix + target + "/")41 p := prefix + source42 mux.Handle(p, h)43 mux.Handle(p+"/", h)44 }45}46// Packages that were renamed between r60 and go1.47var pkgRedirects = map[string]string{48 "asn1": "encoding/asn1",49 "big": "math/big",50 "cmath": "math/cmplx",51 "csv": "encoding/csv",52 "exec": "os/exec",53 "exp/template/html": "html/template",54 "gob": "encoding/gob",55 "http": "net/http",56 "http/cgi": "net/http/cgi",57 "http/fcgi": "net/http/fcgi",58 "http/httptest": "net/http/httptest",59 "http/pprof": "net/http/pprof",60 "json": "encoding/json",61 "mail": "net/mail",62 "rand": "math/rand",63 "rpc": "net/rpc",64 "rpc/jsonrpc": "net/rpc/jsonrpc",65 "scanner": "text/scanner",66 "smtp": "net/smtp",67 "tabwriter": "text/tabwriter",68 "template": "text/template",69 "template/parse": "text/template/parse",70 "url": "net/url",71 "utf16": "unicode/utf16",72 "utf8": "unicode/utf8",73 "xml": "encoding/xml",74}75// Commands that were renamed between r60 and go1.76var cmdRedirects = map[string]string{77 "gofix": "fix",78 "goinstall": "go",79 "gopack": "pack",80 "gotest": "go",81 "govet": "vet",82 "goyacc": "yacc",83}84var redirects = map[string]string{85 "/blog": "/blog/",86 "/build": "",87 "/change": "",88 "/cl": "",89 "/cmd/godoc/": "",90 "/issue": "",91 "/issue/new": "",92 "/issues": "",93 "/issues/new": "",94 "/play": "",95 "/design": "",96 // In Go 1.2 the references page is part of /doc/.97 "/ref": "/doc/#references",98 // This next rule clobbers /ref/spec and /ref/mem.99 // TODO(adg): figure out what to do here, if anything.100 // "/ref/": "/doc/#references",101 // Be nice to people who are looking in the wrong place.102 "/doc/mem": "/ref/mem",103 "/doc/spec": "/ref/spec",104 "/talks": "",105 "/tour": "",106 "/wiki": "",107 "/doc/articles/c_go_cgo.html": "/blog/c-go-cgo",108 "/doc/articles/concurrency_patterns.html": "/blog/go-concurrency-patterns-timing-out-and",109 "/doc/articles/defer_panic_recover.html": "/blog/defer-panic-and-recover",110 "/doc/articles/error_handling.html": "/blog/error-handling-and-go",111 "/doc/articles/gobs_of_data.html": "/blog/gobs-of-data",112 "/doc/articles/godoc_documenting_go_code.html": "/blog/godoc-documenting-go-code",113 "/doc/articles/gos_declaration_syntax.html": "/blog/gos-declaration-syntax",114 "/doc/articles/image_draw.html": "/blog/go-imagedraw-package",115 "/doc/articles/image_package.html": "/blog/go-image-package",116 "/doc/articles/json_and_go.html": "/blog/json-and-go",117 "/doc/articles/json_rpc_tale_of_interfaces.html": "/blog/json-rpc-tale-of-interfaces",118 "/doc/articles/laws_of_reflection.html": "/blog/laws-of-reflection",119 "/doc/articles/slices_usage_and_internals.html": "/blog/go-slices-usage-and-internals",120 "/doc/go_for_cpp_programmers.html": "/wiki/GoForCPPProgrammers",121 "/doc/go_tutorial.html": "",122}123var prefixHelpers = map[string]string{124 "issue": "",125 "issues": "",126 "play": "",127 "talks": "",128 "wiki": "",129}130func Handler(target string) http.Handler {131 return http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {132 url := target133 if qs := r.URL.RawQuery; qs != "" {134 url += "?" + qs135 }136 http.Redirect(w, r, url, http.StatusMovedPermanently)137 })138}139var validId = regexp.MustCompile(`^[A-Za-z0-9-]*/?$`)140func PrefixHandler(prefix, baseURL string) http.Handler {141 return http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {142 if p := r.URL.Path; p == prefix {143 // redirect /prefix/ to /prefix144 http.Redirect(w, r, p[:len(p)-1], http.StatusFound)145 return146 }147 id := r.URL.Path[len(prefix):]148 if !validId.MatchString(id) {149 http.Error(w, "Not found", http.StatusNotFound)150 return151 }152 target := baseURL + id153 http.Redirect(w, r, target, http.StatusFound)154 })...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1import (2func main() {3 doc := html.NewTokenizer(strings.NewReader("<html><body><p>hello</p></body></html>"))4 for {5 tt := doc.Next()6 switch tt {7 fmt.Println("Error")8 t := doc.Token()9 fmt.Println(t)10 if t.Data == "body" {11 doc.SetTokenType(html.EndTagToken)12 }13 }14 }15}16{html 0 5 false [] []}17{body 0 5 false [] []}18{p 0 1 false [] []}19{html 0 5 false [] []}

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