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...45func init() {46 // Ensure that main.main is called from the main thread47 runtime.LockOSThread()48}49// Hints are used to configure window sizing and resizing50type Hint int51const (52 // Width and height are default size53 HintNone = C.WEBVIEW_HINT_NONE54 // Window size can not be changed by a user55 HintFixed = C.WEBVIEW_HINT_FIXED56 // Width and height are minimum bounds57 HintMin = C.WEBVIEW_HINT_MIN58 // Width and height are maximum bounds59 HintMax = C.WEBVIEW_HINT_MAX60)61type WebView interface {62 // Run runs the main loop until it's terminated. After this function exits -63 // you must destroy the webview.64 Run()65 // Terminate stops the main loop. It is safe to call this function from66 // a background thread.67 Terminate()68 //show webview windows69 Show()70 //hide webview windows71 Hide()72 // Dispatch posts a function to be executed on the main thread. You normally73 // do not need to call this function, unless you want to tweak the native74 // window.75 Dispatch(f func())76 // Destroy destroys a webview and closes the native window.77 Destroy()78 // Window returns a native window handle pointer. When using GTK backend the79 // pointer is GtkWindow pointer, when using Cocoa backend the pointer is80 // NSWindow pointer, when using Win32 backend the pointer is HWND pointer.81 Window() unsafe.Pointer82 // SetTitle updates the title of the native window. Must be called from the UI83 // thread.84 SetTitle(title string)85 // SetSize updates native window size. See Hint constants.86 SetSize(w int, h int, hint Hint)87 // SetIcon.88 SetIcon(iconBytes []byte)89 // Navigate navigates webview to the given URL. URL may be a data URI, i.e.90 // "data:text/text,<html>...</html>". It is often ok not to url-encode it91 // properly, webview will re-encode it for you.92 Navigate(url string)93 // Init injects JavaScript code at the initialization of the new page. Every94 // time the webview will open a the new page - this initialization code will95 // be executed. It is guaranteed that code is executed before window.onload.96 Init(js string)97 // Eval evaluates arbitrary JavaScript code. Evaluation happens asynchronously,98 // also the result of the expression is ignored. Use RPC bindings if you want99 // to receive notifications about the results of the evaluation.100 Eval(js string)101 // Bind binds a callback function so that it will appear under the given name102 // as a global JavaScript function. Internally it uses webview_init().103 // Callback receives a request string and a user-provided argument pointer.104 // Request string is a JSON array of all the arguments passed to the105 // JavaScript function.106 //107 // f must be a function108 // f must return either value and error or just error109 Bind(name string, f interface{}) error110}111type webview struct {112 w C.webview_t113}114var (115 m sync.Mutex116 index uintptr117 dispatch = map[uintptr]func(){}118 bindings = map[uintptr]func(id, req string) (interface{}, error){}119)120func boolToInt(b bool) {121 if b {122 return 1123 }124 return 0125}126// New calls NewWindow to create a new window and a new webview instance. If debug127// is non-zero - developer tools will be enabled (if the platform supports them).128func New(width int, height int, hide bool, debug bool) WebView {129 w := &webview{}130 w.w = C.webview_create(,, boolToInt(hide), boolToInt(debug))131 return w132}133func (w *webview) Destroy() {134 C.webview_destroy(w.w)135}136func (w *webview) Run() {137 C.webview_run(w.w)138}139func (w *webview) Terminate() {140 C.webview_terminate(w.w)141}142func (w *webview) Show() {143 C.webview_show(w.w)144}145func (w *webview) Hide() {146 C.webview_hide(w.w)147}148func (w *webview) Window() unsafe.Pointer {149 return C.webview_get_window(w.w)150}151func (w *webview) Navigate(url string) {152 s := C.CString(url)153 defer C.webview_navigate(w.w, s)155}156func (w *webview) SetTitle(title string) {157 s := C.CString(title)158 defer C.webview_set_title(w.w, s)160}161func (w *webview) SetSize(width int, height int, hint Hint) {162 C.webview_set_size(w.w,,,}164func (w *webview) SetIcon(iconBytes []byte) {165 C.webview_set_icon(w.w, unsafe.Pointer(&iconBytes[0]),}167func (w *webview) Init(js string) {168 s := C.CString(js)169 defer C.webview_init(w.w, s)171}172func (w *webview) Eval(js string) {173 s := C.CString(js)174 defer C.webview_eval(w.w, s)...

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1// Copyright 2022 The o11y toolkit Authors2// spdx-license-identifier: apache-2.03//4// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");5// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.6// You may obtain a copy of the License at:7//8// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software11// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,12// WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.13// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and14// limitations under the License.15//go:build js && wasm16// +build js,wasm17package main18import (19 "fmt"20 "strings"21 "syscall/js"22 ""23)24func main() {25 c := make(chan struct{}, 0)26 js.Global().Set("metricslint", js.FuncOf(metriclint))27 js.Global().Set("loadexample", js.FuncOf(loadexample))28 jsDoc := js.Global().Get("document")29 jsDoc.Call("getElementById", "runButton").Set("disabled", false)30 jsDoc.Call("getElementById", "exampleButton").Set("disabled", false)31 jsDoc.Call("getElementById", "loadingWarning").Get("style").Set("display", "none")32 <-c33}34func loadexample(this js.Value, args []js.Value) interface{} {35 jsDoc := js.Global().Get("document")36 res := jsDoc.Call("getElementById", "metricInput")37 res.Set("value", `# HELP process_cpu_seconds_total Total user and system CPU time spent in seconds.38# TYPE process_cpu_seconds_total counter39process_cpu_seconds_total 203674.0540# HELP process_max_fds Maximum number of open file descriptors.41# TYPE process_max_fds gauge42process_max_fds 102443# HELP process_open_fds Number of open file descriptors.44# TYPE process_open_fds gauge45process_open_fds 1046`)47 return nil48}49func metriclint(this js.Value, args []js.Value) interface{} {50 jsDoc := js.Global().Get("document")51 res := jsDoc.Call("getElementById", "resultDiv")52 metrics := strings.NewReader(args[0].String() + "\n")53 l := promlint.New(metrics)54 problems, err := l.Lint()55 if err != nil {56 res.Set("innerHTML", fmt.Sprintf(`57 <blockquote class="gdoc-hint danger">58 <div class="gdoc-hint__title flex align-center">59 <svg class="gdoc-icon gdoc_dangerous"><use xlink:href="#gdoc_dangerous"></use></svg>60 <span>Parsing error</span>61 </div>62 <div class="gdoc-hint__text">63 %s64 </div>65 </blockquote>66 `, err.Error()))67 return nil68 }69 if strings.TrimSpace(args[0].String()) == "" {70 res.Set("innerHTML", `71 <blockquote class="gdoc-hint important">72 <div class="gdoc-hint__title flex align-center">73 <svg class="gdoc-icon gdoc_error_outline"><use xlink:href="#gdoc_error_outline"></use></svg>74 <span>No input</span>75 </div>76 <div class="gdoc-hint__text">77 The input provided is empty. Please paste metrics into the text area.78 </div>79 </blockquote>80 `)81 return nil82 }83 if len(problems) == 0 {84 res.Set("innerHTML", `85 <blockquote class="gdoc-hint tip">86 <div class="gdoc-hint__title flex align-center">87 <svg class="gdoc-icon gdoc_check"><use xlink:href="#gdoc_check"></use></svg>88 <span>Success</span>89 </div>90 <div class="gdoc-hint__text">91 Input has been parsed successfully.92 </div>93 </blockquote>94 `)95 return nil96 }97 var pbs string98 for _, p := range problems {99 pbs += fmt.Sprintf("<li><code>%s</code>: %s</li>", p.Metric, p.Text)100 }101 res.Set("innerHTML", fmt.Sprintf(`102 <blockquote class="gdoc-hint important">103 <div class="gdoc-hint__title flex align-center">104 <svg class="gdoc-icon gdoc_fire"><use xlink:href="#gdoc_fire"></use></svg>105 <span>Issues found</span>106 </div>107 <div class="gdoc-hint__text">108 The input can be parsed but there are linting issues:109 <ul>%s</ul>110 </div>111 </blockquote>112 `, pbs))113 return nil114}...

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