How to use toESModuleExports method of js Package

Best K6 code snippet using js.toESModuleExports


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...147}148func (m *moduleInstanceCoreImpl) GetRuntime() *goja.Runtime {149 return common.GetRuntime(*m.ctxPtr) // TODO thread it correctly instead150}151func toESModuleExports(exp modules.Exports) interface{} {152 if exp.Named == nil {153 return exp.Default154 }155 if exp.Default == nil {156 return exp.Named157 }158 result := make(map[string]interface{}, len(exp.Named)+2)159 for k, v := range exp.Named {160 result[k] = v161 }162 // Maybe check that those weren't set163 result["default"] = exp.Default164 // this so babel works with the `default` when it transpiles from ESM to commonjs.165 // This should probably be removed once we have support for ESM directly. So that require doesn't get support for166 // that while ESM has.167 result["__esModule"] = true168 return result169}170func (i *InitContext) requireModule(name string) (goja.Value, error) {171 mod, ok := i.modules[name]172 if !ok {173 return nil, fmt.Errorf("unknown module: %s", name)174 }175 if modV2, ok := mod.(modules.IsModuleV2); ok {176 instance := modV2.NewModuleInstance(&moduleInstanceCoreImpl{ctxPtr: i.ctxPtr})177 return i.runtime.ToValue(toESModuleExports(instance.GetExports())), nil178 }179 if perInstance, ok := mod.(modules.HasModuleInstancePerVU); ok {180 mod = perInstance.NewModuleInstancePerVU()181 }182 return i.runtime.ToValue(common.Bind(i.runtime, mod, i.ctxPtr)), nil183}184func (i *InitContext) requireFile(name string) (goja.Value, error) {185 // Resolve the file path, push the target directory as pwd to make relative imports work.186 pwd := i.pwd187 fileURL, err := loader.Resolve(pwd, name)188 if err != nil {189 return nil, err190 }191 // First, check if we have a cached program already....

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