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...48 data = {id: id, method: method, params: params.reject { |_, v| v.nil? }}49 data[:sessionId] = @session_id if @session_id50 data = JSON.generate(data)51 WebDriver.logger.debug "DevTools -> #{data}"52 out_frame = ws.version, data: data, type: 'text')53 socket.write(out_frame.to_s)54 message = wait.until do55 @messages.find { |m| m['id'] == id }56 end57 raise Error::WebDriverError, error_message(message['error']) if message['error']58 message59 end60 def method_missing(method, *_args)61 desired_class = "Selenium::DevTools::V#{Selenium::DevTools.version}::#{method.capitalize}"62 return unless Object.const_defined?(desired_class)63 self.class.class_eval do64 define_method(method) do65 Object.const_get(desired_class).new(self)66 end67 end68 send(method)69 end70 def respond_to_missing?(method, *_args)71 desired_class = "Selenium::DevTools::V#{Selenium::DevTools.version}::#{method.capitalize}"72 Object.const_defined?(desired_class)73 end74 private75 def process_handshake76 socket.print(ws.to_s)77 ws << socket.readpartial(1024)78 end79 def attach_socket_listener80 do81 Thread.current.abort_on_exception = true82 Thread.current.report_on_exception = false83 until socket.eof?84 incoming_frame << socket.readpartial(1024)85 while (frame = message = process_frame(frame)87 next unless message['method']88 params = message['params']89 callbacks[message['method']].each do |callback|90 @callback_threads.add(callback_thread(params, &callback))91 end92 end93 end94 end95 end96 def start_session97 targets = target.get_targets.dig('result', 'targetInfos')98 page_target = targets.find { |target| target['type'] == 'page' }99 session = target.attach_to_target(target_id: page_target['targetId'], flatten: true)100 @session_id = session.dig('result', 'sessionId')101 end102 def incoming_frame103 @incoming_frame ||= ws.version)104 end105 def process_frame(frame)106 message = frame.to_s107 # Firefox will periodically fail on unparsable empty frame108 return {} if message.empty?109 message = JSON.parse(message)110 @messages << message111 WebDriver.logger.debug "DevTools <- #{message}"112 message113 end114 def callback_thread(params)115 do116 Thread.current.abort_on_exception = true117 # We might end up blocked forever when we have an error in event.118 # For example, if network interception event raises error,119 # the browser will keep waiting for the request to be proceeded120 # before returning back to the original thread. In this case,121 # we should at least print the error.122 Thread.current.report_on_exception = true123 yield params124 end125 end126 def wait127 @wait ||= RESPONSE_WAIT_TIMEOUT, interval: RESPONSE_WAIT_INTERVAL)128 end129 def socket130 @socket ||= begin131 if URI(@url).scheme == 'wss'132 socket =, ws.port)133 socket =, socket.sync_close = true135 socket.connect136 socket137 else138, ws.port)139 end140 end141 end142 def ws143 @ws ||= @url)144 end145 def next_id146 @id ||= 0147 @id += 1148 end149 def error_message(error)150 [error['code'], error['message'], error['data']].join(': ')151 end152 end # DevTools153 end # WebDriver154end # Selenium...

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1driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "selenium webdriver"2driver.find_element(:name, 'btnK').click3driver.find_element(:link_text, 'Selenium WebDriver').click

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