How to use print_detection_warning method of Inspec Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using Inspec.print_detection_warning


Source:env_printer.rb Github


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...22 def print_and_exit!23 exit_no_shell if !have_shell?24 exit_no_completion if !have_shell_completion?25 print_completion_for_shell26 print_detection_warning($stdout) if @detected27 print_usage_guidance28 exit 029 end30 private31 def print_completion_for_shell32 erb =, nil, '-')33 puts erb.result( end35 def have_shell?36 !(@shell.nil? || @shell.empty?)37 end38 def have_shell_completion?39 File.exist?(completion_template_path)40 end41 def completion_dir42 File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'completions')43 end44 def completion_template_path45 File.join(completion_dir, "#{@shell}.sh.erb")46 end47 def shells_with_completions48 Dir.glob("#{completion_dir}/*.sh.erb").map { |f| File.basename(f, '.sh.erb') }49 end50 def print_usage_guidance51 puts <<~EOF52 # To use this, eval it in your shell53 #54 # #{EVAL_COMMANDS[shell]}55 #56 #57 EOF58 end59 def print_detection_warning(device)60 device.puts <<~EOF61 #62 # The shell #{@shell} was auto-detected. If this is incorrect, please63 # specify a shell explicitly by running:64 #65 # inspec env SHELLNAME66 #67 # Currently supported shells are: #{shells_with_completions.join(', ')}68 #69 EOF70 end71 def exit_no_completion72 $stderr.puts "# No completion script for #{@shell}!"73 print_detection_warning($stderr) if @detected74 exit 175 end76 def exit_no_shell77 if @detected78 $stderr.puts '# Unable to automatically detect shell and no shell was provided.'79 end80 $stderr.puts <<~EOF81 #82 # Please provide the name of your shell via the command line:83 #84 # inspec env SHELLNAME85 #86 # Currently supported shells are: #{shells_with_completions.join(', ')}87 EOF...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1class MyPlugin < Inspec.plugin(2, :plugin_type)2 Inspec::UI::Color.print_detection_warning('MyPlugin', '1.2.3')3class MyPlugin < Inspec.plugin(2, :plugin_type)4 Inspec::UI::Color.print_detection_warning('MyPlugin', '1.2.3')

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