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Selenium Web Driver

13 Reasons Why Selenium WebDriver Should Be Your First Choice for Automation Testing!

Developed in 2004 by Thoughtworks for internal usage, Selenium is a widely used tool for automated testing of web applications. Initially, Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment) was being used by

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
January 24, 2019
Automation • Cross Browser Testing •

Top JavaScript Frameworks For 2019

An extensive number of programming languages are being used worldwide today, each having its own purpose, complexities, benefits and quirks. However, it is JavaScript that has without any doubt left an indelible and

January 23, 2019
JavaScript •

Automated Cross Browser Testing With Protractor & Selenium

We are living in an era where numerous test automation tools or libraries are available in the market. The abundance brings along confusion and choosing the right framework turns out to be very challenging. Identifying

January 22, 2019
Automation • Cross Browser Testing • Selenium Tutorial •
Regression Testing

Why Understanding Regression Defects Is Important For Your Next Release

‘Regression’ a word that is thought of with a lot of pain by software testers around the globe. We are aware of how mentally taxing yet indispensable Regression testing can be for a release window. Sometimes, we even

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
January 21, 2019
Regression Testing •

Test Automation Using Pytest and Selenium WebDriver

In today’s times, one of the challenges that developers face is ensuring that their website/web-app works seamlessly across a different set of devices, browsers, and Operating Systems (OS)/platforms. This is where cross browser testing plays a very crucial role in testing the website/web-app since it helps in testing across different combinations.

January 16, 2019
Automation • Cross Browser Testing • Selenium Tutorial •

Feature Detection With Modernizr For Cross Browser Compatibility

Modernizr is an open-source and compact JavaScript library that allows developers to craft various levels of experiences for users depending with respect to cross browser compatibility.

January 15, 2019
Cross Browser Testing • Web Development •

Continuous Testing Using Shift Left Testing Approach

Software Industry is changing at a very rapid pace and ‘Time to Market’ has become more critical than ever before.

January 14, 2019
Automation • DevOps •

Top 29 Microservices Interview Questions For 2019

Ever since its inception in 2011, microservices is making huge waves, especially among organizations developing forward-thinking applications. A survey by Nginx shows that 36% of enterprises are currently using Microservices, while another 26% is doing research on how to implement it.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
January 11, 2019
Microservice Architecture •

Cross Browser Automation Testing Using Watir

We are living in an era where software development demands for automation. Software development methodologies such as RAD(Rapid Application Development), Agile and so on requires you to incorporate automation testing as a part of your release cycle. There exist numerous test automation frameworks used for automation testing.

January 10, 2019
Automation • Cross Browser Testing • Selenium Tutorial •
Continuous Testing

How To Implement Continuous Testing In DevOps Like A Pro?

In a decade, the need for software development has evolved drastically. The software has become a key differentiator for companies to gain a competitive edge, especially if your company falls under the SaaS umbrella.

Priyal Mangla
January 9, 2019
Automation • DevOps •