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With 7+ years of experience in test automation, BDD, TDD, Himanshu Sheth work as an automation engineer with LambdaTest. He is also an avid blogger.

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Best Reporting Tool For Selenium

9 Of The Best Reporting Tools For Selenium

When it comes to testing with Selenium, a detailed test report generated using the right reporting tool for Selenium can do wonders for the testing activity. Test reports generated using Selenium reporting tools give detailed insights into the testing activity and show the test scenarios’ status.

Himanshu Sheth
October 23, 2020
Automation β€’ Selenium Testing β€’
localisation using selenium

How To Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver?

Automation testing is vital to the entire process of delivering a successful web product. The challenge associated with testing a web site or web app grows manifolds if it’s built for a global audience (particularly non-English audience).

Himanshu Sheth
October 21, 2020
Selenium Webdriver β€’ Selenium Tutorial β€’
Xunit testing tutorial

XUnit Testing Tutorial: Running First Script in XUnit

In our earlier blog under the xUnit testing tutorial series, we had a look at setting up the framework (further referred as xUnit) in Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019). Today our core focus is on Selenium test automation with C#.

Himanshu Sheth
October 16, 2020
Selenium C# β€’ Automation β€’
31 Best CI_CD Tools

31 of The Top CI/CD Tools Available Today

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Top CI/CD Tools Comparison. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) (or CI/CD) has become an integral part of software development and DevOps testing.

Himanshu Sheth
October 15, 2020
CI/CD β€’ DevOps β€’

How To Integrate Jenkins & Maven With Selenium?

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Jenkins Tutorial. Jenkins is one of the popular tools for continuous integration, build management, and automation testing. Maven is a popular build automation tool that is widely used for Java projects.

Himanshu Sheth
October 13, 2020
Automation β€’ CI/CD β€’ DevOps β€’
why python is fav. for test automation

Why Python Is My Favourite For Test Automation?

When it comes to automating the test cases, one of the most difficult choices one has to make is to select the programming language that has good support for test automation. Python, Java, C#, Ruby, etc.

Himanshu Sheth
October 9, 2020
Selenium Python β€’ Automation β€’

CircleCI vs Travis CI: Comparing The Best CI/CD Tools

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Top CI/CD Tools Comparison. Over the past few years, the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment space have been gaining prominence. CI/CD tools have now become an integral part of the DevOps testing activity.

Himanshu Sheth
October 5, 2020
DevOps β€’ CI/CD β€’

How To Handle Internationalization In Selenium WebDriver?

There are many software products that are built for a global audience. In my tenure as a developer, I have worked on multiple web (website or web app) projects that supported different languages.

Himanshu Sheth
September 30, 2020
Selenium Webdriver β€’ Automation β€’
Selenium Testing On The Cloud

All You Need To Know For Selenium Testing On The Cloud

Building large-scale web applications take a monumental effort. Testing the quality of these applications requires a whole other level of dedication. From a developer’s vantage point, the focus is on improving the feature set, speeding up the overall performance, and building a scalable product.

Himanshu Sheth
September 21, 2020
Selenium Testing β€’ Automation β€’
Robot Framework Tutorial

Robot Framework with Selenium and Python: All You Need to Know

With 5000+ stars and 1500+ forks on GitHub, Robot framework has been a go-to-option for many organizations who are aiming for Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) where developers should write functional code only when there is a test that has failed.

Himanshu Sheth
September 16, 2020
Selenium Python β€’ Robot Framework β€’