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Octal to Decimal Converter Online

This free online octal to decimal converter tool allows you to convert octal numbers to decimal numbers in a single click.



An Octal to Decimal Converter is a tool to convert octal numbers into decimal representations. The octal numbering system uses 8 symbols, ranging from 0 to 7, to represent the numbers. In contrast, the decimal numbering system uses 10 symbols, from 0 to 9, to represent numbers. Because decimal numbers are more widely used and simpler for people to understand than octal numbers, the conversion from octal to decimal is crucial.

The first step in using octal to decimal converter is entering the octal number that needs to be converted into decimal format. The outcome will be presented in decimal form. It operates by converting each octal digit to its decimal equivalent. The final decimal representation of the octal number is then created by combining the decimal equivalents. Each octal digit is converted to its decimal equivalent using a lookup table. The converter then sums the decimal equivalents to create the final decimal number.

What is the Octal number system?

An octal number system is a numbering system that uses 8 symbols, 0 to 7, to represent numbers.

Why is it important to convert Octal to Decimal?

It is important to convert Octal to Decimal because decimal numbers are more commonly used and easier for people to understand compared to octal numbers.

How to convert an octal number to a decimal?

Here are the steps to convert a number from octal to decimal:

Step 1: Since an octal number only uses digits from 0 to 7, arrange the number with the power of 8.
Step 2: Evaluate all the power of 8 values and write each value of an octal number.
Step 3: Once the value is obtained, we multiply each number.
Step 4: Final step is to add the product of all the numbers to obtain the decimal number.

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