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This program helps you determine the integrity of your data and challenge hash authentication.

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What is SHA384 Hash Calculator?

SHA384 hash function generator generates a SHA384 hash (SHA384 encoded) containing 96 hexadecimal digits. This can be used as a secure password or as a key to protecting essential data, such as personal information, money transactions, and much more.

How does SHA384 Hash Calculator work?

By entering the plain text in the above field, the SHA384 Hash Calculator generates 96 characters of SHA384 hash string which are not reversible. The generated SHA384 Hash will allow users to secure their important data.

What is SHA384 HASH?

SHA-384 is a cryptographic hash function that generates a hash value of 384 bits (48 bytes) from an input (or'message'). It belongs to the SHA-2 hash function family and is commonly used for digital signature and file integrity verification. It, like other SHA-2 functions, is viewed as a secure and dependable method of generating a unique representation of a given input.

How to Generate SHA384 Hash?

Here are the simple steps to Generate SHA384 Hash:

  • The value can be entered in the "Enter Value" cell.
  • Select the "Calculate SHA384" option.
  • The outcomes will be displayed in the "Output" cell.

What is SHA-384 used for?

SHA-384 is a cryptographic hash function that uses an input to generate a unique fixed-length string of characters, or hash. It is commonly used to validate the integrity and authenticity of data in applications such as digital signatures, file integrity checks, and password storage.

Is sha512 better than SHA-384?

SHA-512 is a more powerful version of the SHA-384 hash function because it generates a longer hash (512 bits versus 384 bits for SHA-384). This means it is more resistant to collisions, where two different inputs produce the same hash, and thus considered more secure. However, this means that it is computationally more expensive, which may be a concern in some situations where performance is a priority.

It depends on the specific use case and the level of security required, but SHA-512 is generally considered to be more secure than SHA-384.

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