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A QR code generator is an online service that enables you to produce QR codes. They are two-dimensional barcodes that can be quickly and easily scanned by a smartphone or other device to direct a user to a particular website, text, contact information, or other digital content. QR code generator creates a QR code image that may be printed, displayed on the screen, or integrated into a website or other digital medium using the data you want to include in the QR code.

QR code generators can be a modern solution for sharing information quickly and easily or accessing a website without typing a lengthy URL. They can also provide users access to offline details and tracking and monitoring purposes. Compared to other techniques, employing a QR code generator makes creating and sharing QR codes simple.

What is a QR code generator?

QR code generators make it easy to store data on a QR code, such as text or website addresses. You can easily create a QR code by entering text or a web address and download the image in high-resolution PNG or vector graphic (SVG, EPS).

How does this QR code generator work?

To turn a link into a QR code, use LambdaTest’s free online QR code generator. You upload the information onto the website and it spits out a QR code to use. That QR code links to a URL, PDF or other information you uploaded.

Why use a QR Code Generator?

Using a QR code generator, you can generate a QR code by scanning to gain access to the stored data. Some of the use cases of QR Code Generators are printing them on brochures or business cards and advertising posters, also storing product data for inventory or tracking purposes.

What are the various types of QR Codes?

Fill in all the details in the display fields, such as a link, a list of contacts, a text message, or any other information. URL, vCard, Plain Text, Email, SMS, Twitter, WiFi, and Bitcoin are different types of QR Codes. However, these free QR Codes cannot be tracked or edited.

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