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Free online tool to convert any Gray Code format into Decimal number. This tool convert between any gray code and number base.

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Gray Code


Gray code, also referred to as reflected binary code, is a type of binary code in which each succeeding value differs from the previous value by just one bit. This makes it practical for applications like rotary encoders where multiple values may be read simultaneously.

The first step in converting a Gray code value to its decimal equivalent is to ascertain how many bits are present in the Gray code value. The log2 function or counting the digits in the Gray code value can be used to accomplish this.

Following the determination of the number of bits, the Gray code value is transformed into a binary value. The most significant bit (MSB) of the Gray code value should be compared to the corresponding bit in the next less significant position to accomplish this. The binary value's corresponding bit is either 0 or 1 depending on whether they match.

The procedure is then repeated, this time comparing the current bit to the bit in the next lesser significant position. The equivalent binary value is produced by repeating this process for each bit in the Gray code value.

The binary value can then be converted to a decimal value by adding up each bit's value and multiplying it by the corresponding power of 2. For instance, the decimal equivalent of the binary number 1101, would be 12^3 + 12^2 + 02^1 + 12^0 = 8 + 4 + 1 = 13.

It's important to remember that this is only one method for converting grey code to decimal; there are many others as well. Additionally, some programming code would be needed for the actual implementation of this conversion.

What is Gray Code to Decimal Converter?

Gray Code to Decimal converter is a free online converter that converts any gray code format into Decimal number base.

How does Gray Code to Decimal Converter work?

This free online tool is a gray code to decimal converter. Just load the gray code format values and they will get converted in real-time. No ads, popups, or nonsense!

How do you convert Gray code to decimal?

Here are the easy steps to convert a decimal to a gray code:

  • Enter the decimal number in the "Enter Value" cell.
  • Select the "Convert to Decimal" option.
  • The outcomes will be displayed in the "Output" cell.

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