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Online Random Date Generator

Free online tool that allows you to generate random and unbiased data for realistic testing of features like calendar dates.

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What is Random Date Generator?

Random Date Generator allows users to randomly select a day, month, and year from any point in time. In addition, users can enter ranges of years they want and pick numbers up to 100.

How does Random Date Generator work?

The tool can function as a random date generator if you select a range that includes multiple years. To pick a random date, specify a range covering more than one year while making sure it includes full years to give each an equal chance. Then generate a random date as you would typically do.

Why use Random Date Generator?

Random date generator tools are often used by developers to generate random and unbiased data for more accurate and realistic testing or simulation. Also, developers require random date generators to test software applications with date-related features such as calendars, date pickers, and time zones. Random dates are also used to simulate statistical data or for filling in missing dates in a dataset for complete test execution.

How do you generate random dates?

The generator can be programmed to generate random dates based on different parameters, such as a specific date range, a specific month or year, and the frequency of the date. Some random date generators also allow for the generation of random time.

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