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Find and Replace String

This free online tool lets you find-and-replace strings in browser.

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Find and replace string tool is a software program that allows you to find strings within your code files and also help you to replace that string with newer one. This tool can be used for various contexts, such as:

  • Text Editing: this tool will help you to find strings and text inside the files, and you can make changes in a string with this tool. You can use the example given below in our tool and replace text with any words. “message = "I love LambdaTest." print(message)”

  • Code Editing: While working on a huge test script, it is harsh to make changes at every place individually, instead, you can use the find and replace tool that will find string throughout the code and replace it with the newer string you want to add.

  • Data Management: This tool will help you to manage your test script or coding script.

  • Bulk file editing: With the help of this tool, you can change in entire code simultaneously.

How to use the Find and Replace String Tool:

Follow the steps given below to use LambdaTest Find and Replace Tool:

  • Add your code in the “Enter Any String” inbox in which you want to replace the string.
  • Add the text that you want to find or replace in the code you entered earlier in “Find Text”
  • Now you need to add the string which you want to add in the code in place of the previous string in the “Replace With” inbox.
  • When you press the “Find And Replace String” button, it will replace your desired string with a string you want to replace. You can directly copy it from the output text bar and paste it at the required place.

What is Find and Replace String?

Find and replace is a feature that lets you search and replace strings in your browser. You can search for substrings and replace them with new strings or use regular expressions to find matches to replace them.

How does Find and Replace string work?

Enter the value that you wish to find in the input field. Also, mention the value that you want to replace, if the given input is found. After you’ve mentioned both the values i.e. the find value and the replace value. Simply, click the button and the tool will automatically replace the values based on your given inputs.

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