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Free JSON to XML Converter Online

JSON to XML converter is a free online JSON to XML data converter that allows you convert JSON data into XML format.

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What are XML and JSON?

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a special language specifically used for storing data. It is a markup language, just like HTML, having no predefined tags.

On the other hand, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is considered a lightweight format for storing and delivering data sets. It is generally used to display the data on a webpage and to read data from a web server.

How does JSON to XML Converter work?

This online tool lets you convert a JSON file into an XML file. However, the process is not 100% accurate since XML uses different item types that do not have an equivalent JSON representation.

The following rules will be applied:

1. Your default root element will be created.

2. Each entry in the array will become an individual XML element.

3. All JSON property values will be converted to text item types.

4. All offending characters will be XML escaped.

Why use JSON to XML converter?

Nowadays, efficiently converting your file to another format is crucial as one program is only built on a specific format. To save time by avoiding the need to write the program again in another format, the JSON to XML converter comes into play. Our free-to-use JSON to XML converter allows developers to convert program files of JSON format to an XML format in a single click.

Not only this, you can convert your files from JSON to XML and vice-versa.

Can I use the JSON to XML converter on Linux, Mac, and Windows?

Yes, you can use our free JSON to XML converter on any operating system. To use our JSON to XML converter, you just need a web browser as it does not require any software installation.

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