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What is Test Data Generator?

To test the web page or applications, developers and testers require a lot of data in the database. The cost and difficulty of manually putting data into the database are both excessive. That's why developers and testers prefer test data generator tools.

Test data generator tools are used for creating and generating test data for different kinds of applications, and use cases are software programs or libraries. These tools are made to assist programmers and testers in producing realistic and representative test data sets for use in QA, testing, and software development. By creating a wide variety of input data, including data that could otherwise be challenging or time-consuming to prepare manually, they can help to ensure that an application is adequately tested.

Use cases for Test data in Webpage testing:

  • In order to verify the functionality of specific units or components of a software program as well as the interactions between various components of the application, test data generator tools can be used to generate test data for Unit testing.

  • During performance testing, it requires a huge data set for test execution. Massive data sets can be produced using test data generator tools to test an application's performance, including its capacity to handle large amounts of data and demanding demands.

  • Test data generator tools can be used for creating test data sets that aid tester in testing a database's performance and functionality, including how well it can handle constraints, relationships, and data integrity.

  • A test data generator can be used to create test data that can help testers to test applications for unexpected or severe inputs.

How to use LambdaTest Test Data Generator

On Platform, there are two main columns one is “Field Name” and another is “Type.”

  • Field Name: Here, you have been given an inbox to put the name of your field.
  • Type: Here, you have been given a dropdown menu from where you can select what type of data you need, such as First name, Last name, Email, Gender, etc.

You can add up to eight more fields to create test data for your test cases. Where you have options such as First Name, Last Name, etc.

Then press on the “Preview Data” button, and the LambdaTest Test Data Generator tool will create test data that is applicable for various test cases. You can also download the test data sheet as .jason, .xml, or .csv file at your convenience.

Why is test data generation important?

Testing a software or app's proficiency is the main goal of test data generation. It is critical to test an app with real data in order to bridge with real-time scenarios and make the appropriate changes.

How do you generate data for testing?

  • Manual method: in this method, developers or the QA teams generate test data on their own for testing purposes.
  • Automated method: In this method tester or developers take the help of test data generator software such as LambdaTest Test Data Generator.
  • Backend injection: In this method, test data is directly get injected into the backend for testing. The tester will write an SQL query and inject it into the backend to generate test data.

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