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A markup language called XML is employed to produce structured data. XML Prettify tool (Extensible Markup Language) helps format and indent XML code assisting the users in reading and understanding more efficiently. This layout may make the data appear convoluted and challenging to understand, mainly if the XML code needs to be written correctly. The XML Prettify Online Tool may add indentation, line breaks, and other formatting components to the code to make it easier to read.

Benefits of using XML Prettify Online

  • Better readability: XML code that has been appropriately structured and indented is significantly simpler to read and comprehend than unformatted code.
  • Manages Troubleshooting:Troubleshooting is made simpler by correctly formatted and indented XML code, which makes it simpler to see faults and resolve problems.
  • Better collaboration: XML code that has been properly written and indented is simpler to share and work on with others since it is simpler to read and comprehend.
  • Data without errors: With properly written XML, you may utilize validation to ensure that your data is free of errors and prepared to be handled by any kind of program.
  • Enhanced graphical appeal:Indented XML code is more aesthetically pleasing, which can improve the code's use and comprehension of the XML files.

What is XML Prettify Tool?

LambdaTest’s free online XML Prettify tool can identify errors in your XML code by highlighting invalid elements, missing attributes, and other issues. You can also validate your XML code against the appropriate schema to ensure that your data is error-free. LambdaTest provides cross-browser compatibility, so you can also validate your XML on multiple browsers.

How does the XML Prettify tool work?

The XML Prettify tool will indent your XML tags for you, all based on the logic and structure of your document. The tool lets you customize how your code will be displayed. You can choose how much or how slight indentation is used, whether comments are visible, and whether syntax colouring should be used.

How do I customize the indentation of Prettified XML?

For example, you can change the indentation to tabs in an unformatted, nested XML data structure. You can also alter the number of spaces used for each indentation level in prettified XML. This is one of the ways you can customize the indentation of prettified XML.

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