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Online Free Character Count

This free character count tool allows you to quickly and easily count the number of characters that are generated in any string.

Enter Any String

Total Characters

What is Character Count?

The character count allows programmers to calculate the length of any given string of text or numbers in order to check the total number of characters (including spaces) there are in the string.

How does Character Count work?

Simply add your string to the “Enter Any String” section and simply hit Count. The free online tool will provide an accurate count of characters (including spaces) as per the given string.

How do I check my character count?

You can enter your text in the "Enter Any String" area above by copying and pasting it with the characters to count. The counter will be instantly updated to show the number of characters in your text.

Which devices does the counter work on?

Our free online character counter is compatible with any device; whether you're using a smartphone, computer, gaming system, or tablet, it will work flawlessly.

This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when writing an essay or a social media post and needing to ensure that you stay within a character limit, or when working with programming languages and need to know the exact number of characters in a string.

It could be useful for Social Media Marketing, writing a tweet, and even SEO Optimization because some platforms have character limits while others only have word limits.

To use the appropriate number of characters on each website or app, you must first understand how many you can use and who you are communicating with. Some ground rules to follow on some of the major websites are as follows:


  • Facebook posts: 33,000 characters.
  • Facebook video and text ad Headline: 40 characters.
  • Facebook image ad text: 135 characters.


  • Tweet (Twitter): 280 characters.
  • Twitter DM: 10,000 characters.
  • Twitter handle: 15 characters.
  • Twitter bio: 160 characters.


  • Instagram caption: 2,200 characters.
  • Instagram reel caption: 2,200 characters.
  • Instagram bio: 150 characters.
  • Instagram username: 30 characters.


  • Linkedin company page description: 2,000 characters.
  • LinkedIn update: 700 characters.
  • LinkedIn comment: 1,250 characters.
  • LinkedIn about us: 2,000 characters.
  • LinkedIn Article Headline: 100 characters.
  • LinkedIn Article Body Text: 110,000 characters.


  • Pinterest profile name: 20 characters.
  • Pinterest board description: 500 characters.
  • Pinterest bio: 160 characters.


  • YouTube video title: 100 characters.
  • YouTube video description: 5,000 characters.
  • YouTube username: 20 characters.
  • YouTube bio: 1,000 characters.
  • YouTube playlist title: 100 characters.

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