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Random YAML Generator Online

Free online tool to generate random YAML data structures.

A random YAML generator is a tool that creates random YAML documents for testing or development purposes. YAML (short for "YAML Ain't Markup Language") is a human-readable data serialization format that is often used for configuration files, data exchange, and other similar applications.

A random YAML generator creates YAML documents with random data, which can be useful for testing the parsing and handling of YAML files. It allows developers to generate test cases quickly and easily, without having to manually create test data. By testing their code with a variety of different YAML documents, developers can ensure that it is robust and can handle various types of input.

Some random YAML generators may allow the user to specify certain parameters, such as the number of nested elements, the types of data to include, and the length of strings. Others may generate completely random YAML documents with no input from the user.

In addition to being useful for testing, a random YAML generator can also be used for development. For example, it can be used to generate sample configuration files or data for demos or proof of concepts. Additionally, it can be used for generating arbitrary data for machine learning, data science or even for testing data validation.

What is Random YAML Generator?

This random YAML generator creates random data structures from YAML language. It has plenty of options to randomize different aspects of the data. This generator supports setting the depth of nesting and the number of elements per level. It also supports various types: sequences, collections, numbers, strings and booleans.

How does this Random YAML Generator work?

You can configure sequences and collections to be inlined or expanded. For example, configuration options include using inline YAML syntax and choosing string values randomly from a randomly generated list of characters or a list drawn randomly from a dictionary. You can also configure indentation to be configured for spaces or no indentation, which compresses YAML.

How do I generate a random number in YAML?

YAML is not a programming language and therefore can't generate random numbers.

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