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Formats a HTML string/file to your preferred indentation level.

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LambdaTest HTML prettifying tools, commonly called "HTML beautifiers," are used to format automatically and indent HTML code, making it simpler to read and comprehend. By ensuring that your code adheres to standardized formatting and indentation guidelines, these tools can help to improve the readability and maintainability of your code.

Use case of HTML Prettifier tool:

  • Before a team member reviews the code, the HTML prettify tool can be used to format and indent it. This can make it simpler for them to grasp the code and spot any faults or problems.
  • Indentation and code styling should be consistent when working on a project with many developers. By ensuring that the code adheres to a uniform style, the HTML prettify tool can make it simpler for team members to comprehend and work together on the code.
  • HTML prettify tool can be used to reformat existing codebases that have been inadequately formatted, which can make the code simpler to read and maintain.
  • If the code is appropriately formatted, debugging is frequently made simpler. HTML prettify tool can improve the readability of the code and aid in a quicker diagnosis of the issue.
  • Consistent code style and indentation are essential while working on a sizable codebase since they make it simple to locate the precise code snippet you require. The code can be formatted and made more legible with the use of HTML prettify, making it simpler to explore the codebase.

It's crucial to understand that utilizing prettify tools doesn't eliminate the requirement for manual code inspection and problem fixing. It's merely a tool that can assist you in making your code more readable and maintainable; manual checking, testing, and debugging are still necessary. For testing your website, you can use cloud based platform, LambdaTest, that allows you to test your webpage on 3000+ browser and OS combinations.

What is HTML Prettify?

HTML Prettify beautifies the minified HTML code using and makes it more readable. It gives the HTML code proper indentation. It's helpful to beautify minified code or unindented code by increasing the readability. This makes it easier to understand and debug the code. It's also helpful when reading other developers' codes.

How does HTML Prettify work?

This tool uses a Javascript formatting library that makes code easier to read. The library works by using regular expressions on the source code. It finds all the indentations, line breaks and extra spaces and removes them or corrects them.

How do I make HTML code readable?

Large or logical code chunks should be separated by blank lines to improve readability. Add two spaces of indentation for readability. Use the LambdaTest HTML Prettify tool to make it more readable.

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