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Sentence Count

Free online Sentence Counter. Paste any number of words, sentences, and paragraphs and find out the final Sentence count with a click.

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What is Sentence Count Converter?

Sentence Counter helps you to find out the number of Sentence in any text snippet. Simply write or copy and paste the text and press the count button. The tool will tell you how many Sentence are there in that text block. It helps you achieve exact or the range of sentence count when there is any minimum or maximum word limit for any writeup.

How does Senetence Count Converter work?

The Sentence counter works as an increment counter; it counts the sentences by counting the sentence formation and termination indicators e.g.: Full stop, Exclaimanation mark, etc. An algorithm takes care of edge cases to give you the exact sentence count of the text snippet you paste into the text box.


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