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Online Text Repeater

A free online tool that can generate strings of text and repeat them up to 25 times.

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What is Text Repeater?

You can repeat words in your text as many times as you want. Just write or copy and paste the text, and choose how many times you want it to appear. This tool is also called a Text Multiplier Tool, as it multiplies the number of words you write.

How does Text Repeater work?

Text repeater prints repetitions of the input string as many times as specified. For each repetition, it prints the string in a new line.

Why use Text repeater?

Text repeater is also called the text multiplexer tool, which means you can also multiply the number of words you write. This tool is very useful for performing cross browser testing. If you need to check a web form or check if the web form handles large data correctly, this tool will be very handy for the same since you can easily generate super long strings. Even if you need to create test cases for different applications that need to deal with bigger data, you can use this free tool.

What else can text repeater do?

Since it's a unique tool which provides line and repeat separator and is also free, you can easily generate strings without any hassle. This tool saves your time and helps you repeat the data and also multiply the file if you upload the same file.

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