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Strip HTML helps you to remove HTML tags from webpages in a single click. Simply copy and paste and remove your tags.

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What is Strip HTML?

Strip Tags (strips out all HTML and PHP tags from a string) is a function that allows you to strip out all HTML and PHP tags from a string, and can be used with a list of tags as well.

How does Strip HTML work?

Using the JavaScript Regex, the Strip HTML tool removes the tags or logic and apply to keep it in a new line. Just copy and paste your HTML code to remove the unwanted HTML tags.

This function allows you to help prevent a visitor from displaying unwanted text on your site. For instance, a forum user could post a title such as THIS SITE IS SCAM! in the event that they were not happy with their experience using your site. However, if you were to use this function you could prevent the user's text from being displayed on your site.

Why use Strip HTML?

An everyday scenario of using Strip HTML could be when someone wishes to publish an article or blog on a third-party website where they don't control the website. In situations like these, where certain websites impose restrictions on the HTML content, such as removing tags or specifying the layout of a webpage, Strip HTML comes in handy.

Strip HTML is a valuable tool for content writers and web developers to scrub off unnecessary HTML tags and elements before publishing on third-party websites.

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