100+ Free Online Developer Tools [2023]


In today's world, software development is constantly evolving and includes more than just writing code. In 2023, free online developer tools will become available to aid in the creation of projects and streamline the overall software development process. These free online tools will assist developers, designers, and testers in making their daily work more efficient.

As per Statista, as of August 2022, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplace offered 424 developer tools to customers. The majority of these tools were categorized as virtual machines, followed by tools for Software as a Service (SaaS) and APIs.

marketplace offered 424 developer tools

Another report by Statista suggests that as of 2021, source code collaboration tools such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket are the most commonly used tools among software developers, according to a survey of 85% of software developers.

commonly used tools among software developers

However, many other tools developers use in their daily work have evolved over the years.

This post has compiled a list of 100+ free online developer tools for developers and testers, providing a comprehensive resource for discovering and utilizing these tools.

So, let's get started!

What are Developer Tools?

The last ten years have been a boon to software development. With the advent of cloud computing and open-source software, developers can now accelerate their coding and debugging processes by harnessing the power of developer tools

Today, the software development industry is abundant with tools to help streamline and automate development processes. This makes a developer's life easier, and it can also improve efficiency in the workplace.

Developers are always looking for ways to do more with less. While building a product, developers not only want to save time but also be able to spend their time on the most challenging tasks. However, due to their coding skills and the effort it takes to get started, many developers find themselves unable to complete the basics of their tasks.

The developer tools can eliminate hurdles and allow you to accomplish your goals in less time. The right tools can speed up your workflow and create a productive environment that enhances your ability to deliver results more efficiently.

With many options available, deciding which tool is right for you can be overwhelming. Here are some reasons you should consider using some developer tools:

  • Developer tools can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for developers to focus on bigger problems.
  • With the help of debugging tools, developers can quickly identify and fix bugs in their code before releasing their product to the public.
  • Tools such as test automation frameworks can be used to ensure that the software being built is of high quality and free of potential bugs before the software is released.
  • The right developer tools provide easy source code management and collaboration.
  • A variety of Free or Low-cost developer tools are available to reduce development costs, reduce time to market, and increase productivity.

However, since each project requires slightly different tools and methods, a great tool for one developer might not be perfect for another. In the next section of this post, we will look at different developer tools available today across various tools categories, including Code Tidy, Data Format, Random Data, Hash Calculators, Framework, Libraries, etc.


100+ Free Online Developer Tools for 2023

Let us have a look at the list of the free online developer tools recommended for use in 2023 (in no particular order).

1. JSON Prettify

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a common text-based structure for presenting data supported by JavaScript object syntax. However, reading the stored data in JSON is sometimes difficult. With JSON Prettify, it is easy to read the stored data in JSON format. It lines up the material similarly and will apply the closing parenthesis in equal space every time

JSON Prettify free tool

In other words, you can understand that JSON Prettify makes the code in a human-readable format and provides readable text. Such can be stored and shared data in value pairs, which are effortlessly analyzed with machines. This free online developer tool will solve the issue by formatting and beautifying the JSON data, which also helps easy debugging since it will be in a readable format.

2. Minify JSON

Minify JSON is a JavaScript library that eliminates whitespace and remarks from blocks of JSON-like content and conserves its syntax. In simple words, Minify JSON is a free online developer tool that compresses, minimizes, lessens, and redesigns JSON data. Only you have to upload your JSON, which will automatically and spontaneously get minified. It works by decreasing the size of the JSON data file and lowers the required disc space or bandwidth for sharing over a different network.

JSON minify free tool

Generally, JSON does not have comments, but JSON Minify() helps specify whether or not to eliminate them. JSON.minify() is executable in JavaScript and also works in different environments. If you are a developer, you should consider that the use of Minify JSON should be done before the deployment of the application or the end of its development. The main reason is that if used during the development process, it can complicate the code making it problematic to read and debug.

3. Photopea

Photopea is a free online developer tool for performing online photoshop. It runs without any plugins.

Photopea free tool

It can read and save PSD files, working with layer styles, smart objects, text layers, and masks. It is used to design web pages with raster and vector graphics.

4. HTML Prettify

HTML Prettify, also known as HTML beautifiers, is one of the best free online developer tools that help format indented HTML codes, allowing easy reading and understanding. It enhances the minified HTML code by adequate indentation. HTML Prettify assists in excelling minified code and unindented code by surging the readability rate. It uses a JavaScript formatting library that utilizes consistent expression on the source code.

HTML Prettify free tool

HTML Prettify also allows searching all the indentations, extra space, and line breaks by eliminating them or correcting them. Its other uses include reformatting the existing codebases, easy searching of errors, and ease of understanding of the codes by other team members.

When using HTML Prettify, it is important to understand that it does not exclude the need for manual code review and fix the issue. It can make the code maintainable and readable; thus, you will still require examination, testing, and debugging.

5. HTML Minify

HTML Minify is a free online developer tool that assists developers and testers in shrinking and lowering the HTML code. It eliminates redundant characters from the HTML codes and CSS, like comments, repeated codes, new lines, and whitespace. Reducing the size of the HTML codes lowers the size of the script files and web pages.

HTML Minify free tool

It works by using the specific algorithm for analyzing submitted code in input. Following this, it searches for unsolicited elements, excludes them, and then the code script is tested after minification. You have to add your codes in the Input section of the tool and click on HTML Minify, and then it will minify your codes instantly in the Output section. These codes can then be later used. It helps in quick downloading, better caching, surge in security, and parsing.

6. Diff Checker

It is a free online developer tool that helps you compare text to find the difference between the two inserted text documents and syntax highlighting. Diff Checker tool has the main feature of supporting 170 programming languages like C#, JSON, Ruby, PHP, XML, and others.

Diff Checker free tool

You can easily note the difference by the highlighted line. It is designed to work in full width on the system by default. It gives the option to close the sidebar to expand the width more.

7. JavaScript Minify

In software development, space, newlines, comments, and indentations are removed through the JavaScript code before deployment. Its main purpose is to lower the number of bytes required for transferring web pages and resources to other browsers of different users. Such work is called minification which is done by a free online developer tool called - JavaScript Minify. It also allows lowering the size of the web pages and script files to enhance performance

JavaScript Minify free tool

The JavaScript Minify tools will remove the extra space, decrease the variable names, and utilize a more compact data structure. This allows for lowering the size of the files and not affecting the functionality and security of the application or website.

8. Free CSS Minify Online

CSS Minify tool is used to remove any unwanted characters in the source code to lower the file size and increase the site loading speed. When you open any web page, you will get a minified version of the website rather than its full version. This makes the response time of the web page faster and reduces the cost of the bandwidth. CSS Minify free online developer tool also helps in enhancing search engine ranking.

CSS Minify free tool

This tool streamlines the application file by excluding the white spaces, comments, line breaks, and block delimiters. The CSS Minify tool allows copying and pasting the interface through which you can easily paste the CSS and go to the option of minifying the code. Consequently, you will see the output on the UI, which can be easily copied and pasted back into the project.

9. CodeBeautify

CodeBeautify is a widely used, free online developer tool with several crucial offerings. With this tool, you can easily edit and beautify scripts.

CodeBeautify free tool

Formatting of source code is also possible with this tool at the time when you do not have access to IDE. It can support multiple languages.

10. Free CSS Prettify Online

CSS Prettify is a free online developer tool that formats CSS files, including the indentation level selected for ideal readability. CSS coding can be complicated because major attention is paid to technical tasks rather than the appearance of the code. While writing the CSS code, the inclusion of indentation, formatting, and spacing can make it look disorganized. The reason may be the involvement of different developers who used diverse formatting styles.

Free CSS Prettify Online

With this CSS Prettify tool, the CSS code can be beautified. It will keep the indentation consistent and minimize the CSS style sheet. It searches all the indentations, extra spaces, and line breaks. For this, you must enter the CSS code into the tool and make it more understandable and readable.

11. XML Minify Online Tool

XML Minify is another tool that detects and excludes the redundancy characters to make the file size small. It is basically for compressing the XML files. It deletes unnecessary spaces, identification, and tags.

XML Minify free tool

The XML Minify tool is available online and automatically detects unwanted aspects. Thus, it makes the web pages easy to load due to their small size. It is widely used by the developer because, with a small XML file size, the users can easily access the web pages.

12. XML Prettify Online

XML Prettify online tool allows beautifying the XML files to the preferred indentation level. With the XML Prettify free online developer tool, you can enhance the print Extendable Markup Language data files. It is easy to customize and modify the indentation and the number of spaces utilized per indentation level.

XML Prettify free tool

XML Prettify tool will indent the XML tags, which are on the ground of the logic and skeleton of your documents. It will show how your code was customized. It allows you to choose how much and how slight indentation can be utilized. For example, whether you want your comment to be visible or syntax coloring can be used.

13. IDN Encode

IDN Encode is the free online developer tool that helps convert an International Domain Name into an ASCII Compatible Encoding called Punycode. In converting the IDN to Punycode, ASCII characters are included along with the xn—prefix. Such conversion types are a crucial part of the Domain Name System (DNS) for understanding and handling the names.

IDN Encode free tool

The working of the IDN Encode is accomplished by encoding the domain name with the use of a system called Punycode. It converts the domain name fetched on registering for the IDN domain. When you enter a URL with an IDN domain in any web browser, the IDN Encode converts the IDN domain into Punycode and solves that domain.

14. IDN Decode

IDN Decode is an online tool that helps in converting text consisting of a special character called Unicode to Punycode encoding. In other words, this free online developer tool changes the domain name's special characters to their real Punycode encoding. Such domain name is fetched while registering for an IDN domain.

IDN Decode free tool

Using IDN Decode tools, the entered URL in the browser having IDN domain allows converting it into Punycode and solving the domain.

15. Netbeans

Netbeans is an integrated development environment mainly used for developing Java applications. This free online developer tool is widely used because it simplifies Java development, like debugger, refactoring, and code completion.


It also integrates other tools like Ant and Maven. It also supports programming languages like C++, PHP, Java, and others.

16. Free XML to JSON Converter Online

XML to JSON Converter is an online tool, and as the name suggests, it helps convert XML files to JSON files. Generally, JSON and XML are used in software development for storing and exchanging structured data. Their conversion is essential as JSON utilizes a simple structure of key-value pairs, is lighter than XML and supports various programming languages.

XML to JSON free tool

Using XML to JSON Converter, it detects the elements with attributes in an XML document and converts it to a JSON document. Further, if the elements are repeated in the XML documents, it easily converts to an array of objects in the converted JSON documents. It is mainly done by two different approaches called external libraries or commodifying free online developer tools like XML to JSON converter. The free online converter can easily and quickly convert the XML markup language to JSON format.

17. Free JSON to XML Converter Online

JSON to XML Converter is a free online developer tool, and as the name suggests, it helps convert JSON files to XML files. The main limitation of the conversion process is that it is not completely reliable. The main reason is that XML uses discrete item types which do not include equivalent JSON representation.

JSON to XML free tool

You will get to apply some basic rules to the conversion process. First, there are default root elements. Second, the entry in the array will become specific XML elements. Third, text item types will be received on converting the JSON property. Fourth, the offending character will be excluded from the XML file.

The JSON to XML Converter tools are used as the present program is developed in a specific format, and this tool is helpful to avoid the need to write the program in another format. Thus, you will get your program files converted into JSON format in a single click.

18. BCD to Decimal Converter Online

Binary Code Decimal (BCD) to Decimal Converter is a tool comprising a software algorithm or digital logic circuit. It converts a BCD number, an approach to representing decimal numbers using binary code, into a decimal number or integer. It is established as a combinational circuit that converts a sequence of logical operations like NOT, OR, and AND gates. Such combinatorial circuits obtain a BCD number as input, mainly shown as a set of 4-bit words. Each bit is for the decimal digit of the number. The BCD to Decimal Converter then includes a series of logical operations on the input to form consistent decimal digits.

BCD to Decimal free tool

It works by splitting the BCD value into groups of 4 bits, then converting it to a decimal value. Following this, all decimal digits are integrated to form the final decimal number. The output shown is the actual BCD value in decimal form.

19. Hex to Decimal

Hex to Decimal converter is a free online developer tool that converts a hexadecimal number to decimals. The conversion process uses the hexadecimal number system, also known as base 16. It functions virtually similarly to the binary and decimal systems.

Hex to Decimal free tool

The tools first multiply the hexadecimal digit by 16's power for each of the digits noted in a row initiating from 0 on the right and heading to the right. As all the digits are multiplied, the number is a sum altogether.

20. Decimal to BCD

The Decimal to BCD tool is one of the best free online developer tools, and as the name suggests, it helps in converting the decimal to BCD, which is from a base 10 integer to base BCD. In electronic and computing systems, BCD shows each decimal digit by its binary sequence.

Decimal to BCD free tool

With this free online developer tool, you can easily convert an integer to BCD. It breaks the decimal numbers into nibbles and then converts each specific nibble into a BCD. On completing it, segregation of the digits is done to generate BCD.

21. UTF8 Decode

The Unicode Transformation Format 8 Decoder (UTF8 Decode) allows making Unicode characters understandable and readable by decoding the variable length character for electronic communication. It is done by using 1-4 bytes, making the Unicode character more readable by the user. It is the most popular free online developer tool for Unicode decoding by various applications and websites.

UTF8 Decode

This free online developer tool generates test cases for ASCII text data and Unicode in UTF8 Decoding. It further validates UTF8 strings, which have been decoded accurately. It has particular byte sequences, which are only allowed by UTF8. If there are any byte errors, they will be visible in the output. You can see whether the output data resembles the predictable output on running the program.

22. UTF8 Encode

UTF8 Encode is another free online developer tool that encodes Unicode. It converts the Unicode character to the identical unique binary string and conversely. UTF8 can be understood as the character encoding scheme.

UTF8 Encode free tool

It moves each character to the prior Unicode scheme with a string of binary digits showing numeric code point characters. With this, you can get similar binary numbers converted back into an original character.

23. WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS Lookup is also a free online developer tool for looking up the ownership and registration information for any given domain name. This is called WHOIS data.

WHOIS Lookup

Using this tool, you must enter a specified domain name to search for the WHOIS data and then select the look-up button. For the registered domain name, the WHOIS information will be shown accordingly. The retrieved WHOIS information comprises the registrar, expiration date, creation date, and ownership information, including name, address, and other information.

24. Hex to RGB Converter Online

Hex to RGB is a free online developer tool that helps convert the Hex color values to RGB color values. You can understand HEX and RGB as the two different color languages referred to as utilizing sets of three values of numbers, not letters.


With the Hex to RGB Converter, the red color level is retrieved by converting the hexadecimal color code’s left side last two digits to a decimal value. Further, the green color level can be retrieved by converting the middle two digits of the hexadecimal color code to a decimal value.

25. RGB to Hex Converter Online

RGB to Hex Converter free online developer tool allows conversion of the RGB color values to Hex color values. Three different input values for blue, green, and red range from 0 to 255. Such is utilized for converting such values into a hexadecimal string for specifying colors in HTML/CSS code.


The conversion is based on a simple algorithm. It converts red, green, and blue values to the hex twines by affirming that they vary from 0 to 255. The three hex twines are then integrated and converted to the output to 6 digits hexadecimal number.

26. Online Image Color Picker

Image Color Picker is a free online developer tool for selecting colors using a color palette. You can get the color code in HSL, RGB, and HEX quickly. This also includes a color converter between RGB and HEX. The use of the Color picker tool is easy.


You can effortlessly choose the color and get it converted between RGB and HEX color codes with the help of a palette. On the displayed color code, you can copy it from the preferred format.

27. HTML to Markdown Converter

HTML to Markdown Converter allows the conversion of HTML code to a Markdown file. You must know that HTML is the standard method for content on the Internet to be marked up as it displays adequately in web browsers. Its improvement is made by using technologies like Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript. Further, the Markdown file is the file with plain text, which uses formatting symbols to make text bold, define indentation and headers, and create the list.


With this free online developer tool - HTML to Markdown Converter, you can paste or drag-and-drop HTML files into the text space of Data Source. It will initiate the conversion process. Then you will immediately get the Markdown code file. There is no need to run anything for such a conversion.

28. Markdown to HTML Converter

Markdown to HTML Converter is a free online developer tool to convert the Markdown code to HTML. The tool takes Markdown-formatted text and then changes it to HTML. Such a tool is mainly used by people who want to write understandable and readable markup language; however, they must display their text on the web.


The HTML code output can be integrated into the website and displayed in the browser. The features of Markdown to HTML Converter involve the competency to manage different types of headings, links, lists, and images. Further, it requires competency to output clean and nicely formed HTML code.

29. Decimal to Gray Code

Decimal to Gray Code is a free online developer tool changing any Decimal number to Gray Code format. The main feature of the Decimal to Gray Code tool is that it can change or convert any of the number base and gray code. Further, using the Decimal to Gray Code tool is also easy. You just have to load the decimal value in the tool, and you will easily get that changed in real time.


The working of the Decimal to Gray Code tool is quite easy. You must load the decimal value and click on Convert to Gray Code to get the converted value in Gray code in real time. There are no ads, pop-ups, or others.

30. GrayCode to Decimal

As the name suggests, GrayCode to Decimal Converter changes the Gray code format into a decimal number. Such a free online developer tool can convert any number base and Gray codes. The primary feature of the Gray to Decimal converter is that it can easily change the code without any hassle.


You just have to load the Gray code format value. Then, you will get the value converted into a decimal number in real time. There are no ads, pop-ups, or others.

31. URL Decode

URL Decode is a free online developer tool that decodes web addresses in a format that is easily readable and understandable from ASCII. It can be understood as the reverse process of URL encoding. It changes a URL having special characters into one which does not. The main benefit is that it makes the address easier to read. For example, if you have put a pound or hash sign in the URL, the tool will remove these symbols. Thus, it makes the URL more readable for people and search engines.


The working of the URL Decoding tool is understood in that it converts the special HTML characters into a standard URL which can be utilized for links on a page. Such a thing can be advantageous when you develop a website with HTML and wish to share an address deprived of any special characters in the web address.

32. URL Encode

URL Encode free online developer tool helps convert special characters in a format that can be shared over the internet. For example, it substitutes certain characters with a character triplet in the URL, comprising a % character trailed by two hexadecimal digits. Such hexadecimal digits show the numeric values of substituted characters. URL encoding is also known as percent-encoding because it utilizes % as an escape character.


URL Encode tool works by substituting unsafe ASCII characters with % because you can copy the URL address over the internet only if they use ASCII characters. It is noticed that many URLs have characters outside the ASCII set. Hence, it should be converted to the ASCII format.

33. Free Base64 Encoder Online

Free Base64 Encoder Online is a free online developer tool that translates binary data into text form. It is done so that it can be transmitted effortlessly through email and HTML form data. The working of the Base64 encoding is done with the subset of the US-ASCII charset.


The initial 64 characters are displayed by an equivalent 6-bit binary sequence, for example (26=64). The 65th character, which is =, can be utilized for padding.

34. Free Base64 Decoder Online

Free Base64 Decoder Online is a simple approach to making the data compact for transferring or uploading. This free online developer tool is used as an approach for translating text form into binary data. It is done so that it can be transmitted effortlessly through email and HTML form data. The working of the Base64 encoding is done with the subset of the US-ASCII charset.


The initial 64 characters are displayed by an equivalent 6-bit binary sequence, for example (26=64). The 65th character, which is =, can be utilized for padding.

35. JWT Decoder

JWT Decoder is a free online developer tool with a small browser library that aids in decoding the JWT token. It is Base64url encoded. It is important to note that this library does not validate the token, further any nicely formed JWT can be decoded.


You need to verify the token from the server-side logic using expressions like express-jwt, koa-jwt, Owin Bearer JWT, etc.

36. Free Convert Text to HTML Entities Online

Text to HTML Entities converter is a free online developer tool that converts HTML entities to special characters. It helps save and share HTML Entities and changes Text to HTML Entities numbers. It is shown as reserved letters in HTML. It also helps load Text files and change them to the Hyper Text Markup language. Such a file is chosen by selecting the upload option. It effortlessly works on Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Windows, and Safari.


Text to HTML Entities converter is used for displaying characters in HTML. Further, it converts texts to numbers showing reserved characters and can be easily displayed in the browser. It is easy to use as you paste the text and click Convert to Entities to convert the plain text into HTML entities.

37. Free HTML Entities to Text Converter Online

HTML Entities to Text Converter Online is a free online developer tool that converts specific characters to consistent HTML entities. The such character has special importance in HTML and can be converted to associated HTML entities. It makes the text form more readable by humans. Every so often, an element present in the text has characters as part of HTML syntax. E.g., & can be converted to &. It makes it more readable by the browser and as & instead of an HTML syntax.


It has the competency to save and share the text while converting HTML entities decode text to plain text. With such a tool, you can easily import entity files and convert them to text.

38. Random JSON Generator

Random JSON Generator is a free online developer tool that helps create random JSON code based on the JSON template. Such a tool forms random JSON values from the already defined templates with any number of values. The QA and developers utilize it for testing the application and imitating diverse inputs. Further, it helps to save the resulting JSON file as a .json file for easy use.


It is used for creating fields of random JSON data. Moreover, it is easy to use, and you have to just click on the option for generating JSON files, and you will get an instant random generated JSON structure using the template.

39. Random XML Generator

Random XML Generator is a free online developer tool used to define and form many XML documents on the grounds of XSD. There is no need to install any template for this random generation can be done from a template directly in the browser. The generated XML file gives nicely formed and valid XML, which is tuned based on the user's settings. The generator receives the input in the form of XSD elements.


It is a known fact that modern applications and development use XML. In such development, we must transform an XML document or the XSD utilizing the paid utilities. As XML is a markup language, it does not have built-in functionality for forming random numbers. Hence, it is not probable to produce random numbers in XML. You can easily create random numbers using computer languages like JavaScript or Java. Following this, you can use such a value in the XML code.

40. Random CSV Generator

Random CSV Generator is a free online tool that generates random accurate CSV files. It forms random IP addresses favorably. It can be better understood as a utility for software developers and quality assurance engineers, especially when there is a requirement to generate test CSV documents in bulk for testing the service or software.


The generated CSV document from the Random CSV generator comprises an explicit structure or ingress one from the pre-existing file. The data generation engine of the application allows for the creation of complex data and form values for dependent variables.

41. Random YAML Generator

Random YAML Generator is a free online developer tool that uses YAML languages and helps create random data structures. It gives various options for randomizing the diverse aspects of the data. Such a tool also supports setting the extent of nesting along with the number of elements in each level. This tool is also known to support various types of aspects, which include strings, numbers, collections, sequences, and booleans.


The working of the Random YAML Generator is very simple. It easily configures collections and series to be aligned, inlined, or extended. For instance, configuration options involve using inline YAML syntax and selecting values of string from the list of characters that are randomly generated or from the list which is drawn randomly from a dictionary. The configuration of indentation can also be done for space or no indentation, which compresses YAML.

42. Free Placeholder Image Generator

Placeholder Image Generator is a free image generator. This free online developer tool is used by designers and developers to create images quickly and automatically. It can be done by specifying the text, color, backdrop color, size of image, and format. A placeholder image is a visual portrayal of a concept before creating the final image. It is mainly used in the early stage of design.


Using the Placeholder Image Generator, you have to define the height and width of an image for generating in the PNG or JPG format. It utilizes the script from the client side to form chosen images' heights and widths. Additionally, the color of the background and font and its sizes are already provided in the tool for improving the placeholder images. As an image is generated, a preview will be shown in the tool, and you will get the option to save it.

43. IP Lookup

IP Lookup is an online developer tool used for geolocation for the specified IP address. It is known to support IPv4 and IPv6. The use of the IP Lookup tool is easy.


You have to enter the valid IPv6 and IPv4 in the space provided and then select on the lookup button. IP address being valid, then the outcome will be shown accordingly.

The geographical information of the IP address comprises ASN, ISP, latitude, city, country, region, and longitude.

44. Random Binary Generator

Random Binary Generator is a tool that allows the generation of random binary numbers of particular lengths. This free online developer tool can be used easily by the developer or tester when they need random binary numbers.


The number generated can be easily configured with the number of binary digits. With the Random Binary Generator tool, you can pass arguments using query-string syntax, and it will instantly compute or give the output.

45. Random Character Generator

Random Character Generator tool is a crucial free online developer tool for forming random characters. Its main feature is that you can avoid patterns when generating a unique type or set of strings. In other words, the series of characters generated will not follow any specific sequence or pattern; hence it will be random.


While developing any software, the programmer may require randomly generated strings of characters, and they make use of the Random Character Generator. Such a string can be either an alphanumeric string or a simple regular string of characters. You must enter the value in the specified box and click Generate Character. It will be done in no time.

46. Random Color Generator

Random Color Generator tool is available online for generating a list of random colors. Additionally, it can also form a single random color in a diverse color mode format which includes HSL, HEX, and RGB (A).


The use of this free online developer tool is very simple. You can get a sample of the target color by entering the name of the desired shade in the specified space and clicking on Generate Color. The free online developer tool will form a random code of the target color and display it on the screen.

47. Random Date Generator

Random Date Generator is an online tool that helps users randomly choose the date, month, and year at any given point in time. Further, the users can enter different ranges of years they wish, and from there, they can pick numbers up to 100.


The function of this free online developer tool involves the selection of multiple years. To pick any random date, you must specify a range that includes more than one year. However, you must ensure that it includes a full year to provide each a similar and equal chance. Following this, you can generate a random date as you usually perform.

The main purpose of the Random Date Generator is to form random and unbiased data for reliable and correct testing and simulation. The tool can be programmed for forming data based on diverse parameters like a specific date range, year, or month, along with the frequency of the date.

48. Random Decimal Generator

Random Decimal Generator is a free online developer tool designed to form random decimal numbers in the preferred range of users. It is based on the pseudorandom number generator algorithm, which produces a sequence of random decimal numbers. It helps the user to form a random decimal number. With such a tool, you can easily configure the number of digits per number as the input and the number of decimal numbers to form.


The decimal number generated can be in the form of sequences and series, which are mainly determined by an initial root value. The working of the tool is based on the notion that it considers initial values and does some mathematical operation, which later gives new value.

49. Random Decimal Fraction Generator

Random Decimal Fraction Generator allows the generation of random decimal fractions in the interval or range of 0,1 or any other specified interval. This free online developer tool allows setting the initial and ending fraction and choosing the accuracy of each fraction. The use of the Random Decimal Fraction Generator is easy. You have to click on Generate Random Fraction, automatically giving randomly formed decimal fractions that can be leveraged in your simulated data.


Such a tool is designed to form pseudo-random numbers or its series, and such can be useful for simulated data, test data, and others. The generated decimal fraction is mainly used for input testing, stress testing, and randomized testing.

50. Random GUID Generator

Random GUID Generator is a free online developer tool that helps generate a Random Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). It comprises a specific 128-bit integer with less probability of being duplicated. The generation of GUID is done using JavaScript, which indicates that it will not be shared across the internet. The generated GUID codes are used to serialize windows and Mac software and create coupon codes for the online store.


The GUID or the UUID is random and comprises a huge number for utilization for recognition in computer applications. Based on the user input, the Random GUID Generator tool can form up to 500 globally unique identifiers and use different version formats.

51. Random Hex Generator

Random Hex Generator helps developers form random colors in hexadecimal format. With the grouping of six digits and letters like #FF0000 for red, you can use hexadecimal format for representing diverse colors. In such a character, the first two denote one of the three main colors, which include red, green, and blue. With attuning the value of each of the two characters, color changes are noted accordingly.


This free online tool utilizes long hexadecimal numbers to ensure inimitable identifiers for temporary resources. Further, a smaller number of odds of random number collision make the values similar to the unique identifiers for resources. You can use the Random Hex Generator with HTML forms to test the validation code and utilize the long strings of hex values as random data.

52. Random Octal Generator

Random Octal Generator is a free online tool for generating random octal numbers. This tool allows selecting the number of digits each octal number comprises and the number of octal numbers to be generated.


The Random Octal Generator makes use of the digits 0-7. It is regarded as a pseudo-random number generator. It uses the PHP gmp_random_range() function from the GMP mathematical extension for generating the octal number.

53. Random IP Generator

Random IP Generator is a free online tool that helps in the generation of random IP addresses easily. It uses JavaScript and runs in the browser. In the initial stage, it processes the input options. Such an option helps enter startIp and endIp IP version 4 values comprising 4 octets. In each of the octets, the value ranges from 0-255.


You can use the below-given formula for converting octets into a single decimal value.

a×(256x256x256) +b× (256×256) +c×256+d

The conversion formula is described as a<<24 + b<<16 + c<<8 + d. The outcome causes the generation of integer values startIpDec and endIpDec.

Further, if the program perceives that it is permissible to form private IP addresses, it will produce a range of addresses amid [startIpDec, endIpDec).

Following this, Math.random() function is used, which helps generate random IP addresses as per the allowed range.

54. QR Code Scanner & Reader

QR Code Scanner & Reader is a tool like a QR code generator. However, a QR Code Scanner & Reader is freely available for the developers, which helps read the text data from the QR code image quickly.

QR Code Scanner & Reader

In this, you do not have to upload any text data. This free online developer tool also supports colored QR code images. The QR code image can be fetched either locally or from the URL.

55. Random MAC Generator

Random MAC Generator allows the user to create a random MAC address easily. This tool is based on a hardware identifier associated with the Network Interface Controller (NIC). The MAC address generated comprises a six-bytes value showing as a 12-digit hexadecimal number.

Random MAC Generator

Random MAC generator utilizes algorithms and rules for creating 12-digit hexadecimal numbers. Some generators also have the option for generating MAC addresses with an already defined format similar to the prefixes related to a vendor and others.

56. Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator is an online tool based on the mathematical or algorithm function, which generates a series of random numbers. The number formed by this tool is mainly utilized for work like producing random encryption keys, mocking random events in the system model, and forming numbers for statistical sampling.

Random Number Generator

There are two types of generators: true random and pseudo-random. You can understand Random Number Generators as a computer program that gives random numbers quickly in just one click. Such ns are free from control and prediction.

Using Random Number Generators involves entering the minimum length of the number, then the maximum length of the number, and then clicking on the button showing Random Number Generator. The outcome will be shown under the Number cell.

57. Random Paragraph Generator

Random Paragraph Generator is a freely available tool that helps form paragraphs in just one click. It is complicated to write multiple paragraphs, and with a Random Paragraph Generator, such work can be done in no time.

Random Paragraph Generator

The use of such a free online developer tool is very easy. You have to define the character length, length of words, and sentence. Following this, just click on the Generate Sentence option. Then, as a result, you will receive a random paragraph according to the specified need.

58. Random Password Generator

With each use of a Random Password Generator, you can get secure, strong, and unique passwords. In other words, a Random Password Generator helps create user passwords. Such passwords comprise numbers, letters, and special characters. The main objective of such a free online developer tool is to create a password that is problematic for hackers to crack.

Random Password Generator

The users can specify particular parameters like the length of passwords. The main benefit of this free online developer tool is that users don't have to suggest or think of any password of their own. It happens that users end up keeping common passwords like 1234 and @1234, which are easier for a hacker to crack. The Random Password Generator gives you passwords that are strong and unique. Thus, multiple passwords can also be managed easily with this tool.

59. Random Time Generator

Random Time Generator is an easy-to-use free online developer tool that helps generate random clock time stamps. You have to click on the option for producing a time stamp. It utilizes a mathematical algorithm for creating a system of statistically random numbers. These numbers are only transformed into times. You can get the time in either AM or PM format, depending on your preference.

Random Time Generator

The generated time can be helpful in various actions like quality assurance, data analysis, testing, and others. In software testing, a Random Time Generator gives random test data and performs load tests at specific time intervals.

60. Random UUID Generator

Random UUID Generator is the tool that helps form UUID, which stands for Universally Unique IDs. It is a type of 128-bit number that can form unique values across multiple computers and time. UUIDs are useful for forming random test data; hence this free online developer tool is widely used by software developers and testers.

Random UUID Generator

The UUID form uses a variant of the random algorithm, particularly in RFC 4122. Such an algorithm formats the strings of hexadecimal characters in a particular format like (yyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyy). The main focus of the algorithm is to form UUIDs that are unique at all times by using a good quality Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG), which intends to form 128-bit values.

61. Random Sentence Generator

Random Sentence Generator is a useful free online developer tool for generating sentences based on the defined grammar and language model on large text datasets. It generates random sentences based on the specification of the user. You must enter the character and preferred word lengths to get a random sentence.

Random Sentence Generator

Being a software developer, it might be difficult to write multiple sentences as it can be time-consuming when there is a need for a huge number of sentences. Here comes the role of a Random Sentence Generator. Some tools include language learning, text generation, and summarization. In no time, you will get random sentences that help fill voids on specific web pages or new designs or programs you desire to display without any cost.

62. Random String Generator

Random String Generator is used to form a string or sequence of one or more than one character. It gives the option to customize the length of strings which ranges from 8 to 25-character length. It can be understood as the tool, software, or library yielding strings: characters, words, special characters, and numbers. Such a module is structured for pseudo-random numbers and sequences. Developers widely use it because it helps form non-security-related strings.

Random String Generator

There are four different ways through which random strings can be generated. These include using Math.random, Regular Expression, CharSet, and forming random UpperCaseLetter/LowerCaseLetter/Numbers. This free online developer tool’s use is quite simple. You have to specify the string length and click on the Generate button.

63. Random Word Generator

Random Word Generator is a free online developer tool that forms random words according to the user's requirement in no time. It gives random words that cannot be predicted because they are selected randomly from the words database in the generator.

Random Word Generator

The use of a Random Word Generator is easy. You only have to define the character length and select the generate sentence option. You will get the random words according to the specified requirement. Random Word Generators are widely used in different domains, including creative writing, language learning, game development, security, and research and development.

64. Random Text from RegEx

Random Text from RegEx is a free online developer tool that helps generate text using regular expressions (RegEx). RegEx is used for matching or retrieving a class of characters from text. However, the text is formed from a given pattern in such situations. The main reason is that a single RegEx can resemble a wide range of inputs; thus, it is suggested to form multiple text instances simultaneously.

Random Text from RegEx

The RegEx form is used for testing, forming specific identifiers, data generation, and others. It is quite challenging to random code strings from a regex; using tools, you will get text easily from RegEx. All you have to do is to set the instance number in the options, and every text instance will resemble your regular expression.

65. Pastebin

Pastebin is a free online developer tool that helps in pasting the text or the codes so that it can be viewed publicly with a shared link. The link has the highlighting syntax with an expiration period. Its best feature is that it supports 170 programming languages. Before pasting the text from the dropdown menu, you must select the highlighted syntax. Then you can browse the local file from the device or enter it manually in the text editor.


It’s your choice to enter the title or not. You then have to select the expiration period as per your preference. Then you will be verified as a valid user, and once it’s done, you will be redirected to the paste page, and you will be provided with a shortened link to the page for sharing.

66. Test Data Generator

Test Data Generator is an online tool that eases the work of developers in testing. When an application or web page is created, and the tester needs plenty of data in the database, the manual inserting of data into the database is hectic and pricey. Here comes the function of the Test Data Generator.

Test Data Generator

This free online developer tool helps create and generate test data for diverse applications. It helps the programmer and tester create real and representative test data sets used in the software development process. With producing a large set of data using a Test Data Generator, include such data, which would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming when done manually. They help affirm that the application is tested accurately.

67. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator, also called dummy text generator, is a free online developer tool that helps in generating random IP addresses easily. It is used as placeholder text widely used for web and graphic designing. The main objective of the Lorem Ipsum Generator is to help the designer display the layout of a piece of work before being finalized or when it is made live.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator gives a text which does not affect the browser, spell check tool, or word processor. You have only to fill in the text and number in the space for generating, and you will easily get output text which can be copied.

68. Credit Card Number Generator

Credit Card Number Generator is a tool based on coding to mock random credit card numbers for the tester and developers. It is used to test the functionality of web pages where you do not have to give your real credit card details.

Credit Card Number Generator

This free online developer tool uses Luhn’s algorithm, which generates random credit card numbers and information. The testers can use such numbers as test data while writing test scripts for the web pages. The credit card number formed will indicate specific aspects. For example, the first four digits will be Major Industry Identifier which shows the category of the company which issues the credit card. The first six is the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), which identifies the institution issuing the credit card.

69. QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a free online developer tool that helps produce QR codes. This includes two-dimensional barcodes, which allow quick scans from smartphones and other devices. It will instantly direct the user to the specific website, contact information, digital content, and text.

QR Code Generator

The tool gives the QA code, which can be printed and shown on the screen. Further, it can be integrated into the website and other digital mediums using data that the user wishes to include in the QR code. Currently, QR Code Generator is the modern solution for transferring information instantly or accessing websites where there is no need to enter lengthy URLs.

70. Random Byte Generator

Random Byte Generator allows for generating random byte output according to the output format preference, which includes hexadecimal, decimal, and binary. A Random Byte Generator is preferred because it gives a pattern before and after a certain number of iterations.

Random Byte Generator

The main use of a Random Byte Generator is that it helps produce a number of series that are difficult to guess. This free online developer tool is easy to use when secure communication and data encryption result from the test, which is mainly erratic and unbiased. The use of the Random Byte Generator is easy. You just have to click the Random Byte Generator button, and then you will be provided with a 10-digit byte.

71. Slugify

Slugify is a free online developer tool used to describe the page and post in a few words, for example, highlighting the blog post's title.


Generally, a URL slug is understood as the part situated at the end of the URL denoting a post or page on the website. This tool helps in generating URL slugs in JavaScript using a slug library from npm.

72. Hash Calculator

Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that allows the formation of hash values of a string. This can be later compared against the original value. The use of a hash generator is easy. You have to provide the value in the input section and click on Convert to get it converted into hash.

Hash Calculator

Hash Calculator forming hash values is called "selection" of the given input, mainly a string of text or files. Such hashes are specific to the input and can be utilized for diverse purposes like verification of the integrity of input or as a means of the key to decrypt or encrypt data. The main advantage of a Hash Calculator is that there is no need to write any specific code to get the hash value. Further, you do not have to use any specialized software.

73. Hash Mac Generator

Hash Mac Generator is an online tool that allows the generation of a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) through a string with an undisclosed key. It can be compared against the original to verify the integrity and reliability of the input data. The combination of the undisclosed key is with message data, and again hash value combines with a secret key, and then the hash function is applied. Through such a process, the output hash is 256 bits in length.

Hash Mac Generator

In the formed data, if there is a minute interruption, the outcome as hash output is completely different. With this free online developer tool, HMAC helps developers detect the level of interference with input data if present.

74. CRC32 Hash Calculator

CRC32 Hash Calculator is an online error detection code. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is mainly used for digital communication like ZIP files and ethernet for perceiving errors in communicated data. It calculates the CRC value of a file and data with the help of the CRC32 algorithm. In other words, the CRC32 Hash Calculator uses specific data like files and implements the mathematical algorithm. It then processes the data in a particular method and gives a fixed-size string of characters.

CRC32 Hash Calculator

The outcome is also called "hash," which checks the integrity of data because a slight change in the input will cause a different hash value. Thus, this free online developer tool checks for data comparison, integrity verification, and indexing in a database. Additionally, it computes the checksum for the file which is selected.

75. CRC32B Hash Calculator

CRC32B Hash Calculator tool helps to generate the CRC32B checksum hash easily and quickly from a given series or string. It is an open-source and freely available tool that can give you CRC2B hash in real-time.

CRC32B Hash Calculator

This free online developer tool tends to calculate a checksum for the documents the users have selected. You can see checksum when the process of reading is accomplished.

76. RIPEMD128 Hash Calculator

RIPEMD128 Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool for generating hash and checksum mainly for programmers and developers. It allows the RIPEMD128 Hash Calculator users to encrypt sensitive data like passwords and personal information. You can understand RIPEMD160 as the collection of hash functions developed based on MD4, where RIPEMD works on 32-bit processors.

RIPEMD128 Hash Calculator

The use of the RIPEMD128 Hash Calculator is easy. You must paste the text in the space and click on the RipeMD128 button. As the output, you will get a RIPEMD-128 digest. This tool has no ads, no popups, and others.

77. RIPEMD160 Hash Calculator

RIPEMD60 Hash Calculator is another tool for generating hash and checksum, mainly for programmers and developers. It is also a free tool and assists users in encrypting sensitive data like passwords and personal information. You can understand RIPEMD160 as the collection of hash functions developed based on MD4, where RIPEMD works on 32-bit processors.

RIPEMD160 Hash Calculator

The cryptographic hashing algorithm is the basis of the RIPEMD160 Hash Calculator, which follows Merkle-Damgard architecture. This free online developer tool is an improved version of the RIPEMD algorithm, which forms a 128-bit hash digest against the 160-bit output of RIPEMD160. Such a tool is used by the Bitcoin standards. The output of the RIPEMD160 hash comprises a 40 digit hexadecimal number.

78. RIPEMD256 Hash Calculator

RIPEMD256 Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that allows the calculation of the RIPEMD256 hash value of the file or the data. RIPEMD256 is understood as the cryptographic hash function, which is included in the set of RIPEMD hash functions and forms fixed-size output hash values. This is known as digest or fingerprint from the data or the input file.

RIPEMD256 Hash Calculator

The RIPEMD256 calculator mainly takes an input file or the data, which then implements the RIPEMD256 algorithm or RIPEMD256 function. The function processes the message in a particular approach, including breaking it into blocks of defined length.

Following this, a series of mathematical operations is executed in each block. The above algorithm will form a 256-bit message digest from a random quantity of data. It comprises multiple rounds. Each round has message blocks with mathematical operations like modular addition and bitwise operations. Finally, all the blocks are combined to form the final 256-bit hash value.

79. RIPEMD320 Calculator

RIPEMD320 Calculator is a tool for generating hash and checksum, mainly for programmers and developers. It is also a free tool and assists users in encrypting sensitive data like passwords and personal information.

RIPEMD320 Calculator

RIPEMD320 is a cryptographic hash function that receives input and proceeds a fixed-size string of characters known as "digest" and is regarded as the fingerprint of the original data. The tool giving 320 hash is a particular variant of a class of algorithms called RIPEMD. It is highly secure and mainly used for digital signatures and data integrity checks.

The cryptographic hash function considers the input and form-determined length of characters called the hash value unique to the input.

80. CIDR to IPv4 Conversion

CIDR to IPv4 Converter is an online tool that instantaneously converts CIDR to IP. It is only known to support IPv4. Its use is simple. You have to enter the CIDR in the input field

CIDR to IPv4 Converter

When valid, this free online developer tool is converted to the corresponding IP ranges. The information, which includes first address, last address, netmask, broadcast address, and total IPs will be shown accordingly. When the above aspect is done, you can copy the text value of a field to the clipboard just by selecting the text.

81. MD2 Hash Calculator

MD2 Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that forms a unique and irreversible string of characters that works as a key or password. The generated MD2 hash is utilized to encrypt crucial data like public key infrastructure. Here, MD2 is defined as the Message-Digest Algorithm, a cryptographic hash function mainly for 8-bit computers.

MD2 Hash Calculator

The working of the MD2 Hash Calculator is understood from its algorithm cycle. For every 16 input bytes, each byte of the auxiliary block is processed 18 times. On completion of the processing, the partial block is utilized as the hash value of the message. The formed hash value helps verify the integrity of a message or file and the application's security.

82. MD4 Hash Calculator

MD4 Hash Calculator is an online tool that computes MD4 hash values of data and files. Here, MD4 is understood as the cryptographic hash function that forms a 128-bit hash value. The outcome of this free online developer tool helps check the integrity of data because a slight change in the input could cause retrieval of the different hash values. The outcome is a 32-digit hexadecimal number, which is improbable to resemble the value formed for diverse input.

MD2 Hash Calculator

MD4 Hash calculator mainly takes an input file or the data, which then implements the MD4 hash function. The message is processed by the function in a particular approach, which includes breaking it into blocks of defined length. Following this, a series of mathematical operations is executed in each block. You must just provide the string value in the input space and click the Convert button.

83. Adler32 Hash Calculator

Adler32 Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that calculates using your browser string or file of Adler32 checksum. The formed checksum in base64 or integer formats and hexadecimal. It is then used to verify data integrity at the time of transmission.

Adler32 Hash Calculator

The use of the Adler32 Calculator is easy. You must provide input or data in plain text, binary file, or base64. Now, you have to just click on the Calculator Adler32 button and then you will get the Adler32 checksum in no time.

The need of Adler32 Calculator is done for detecting errors during the transmission of data. The outcome of the Adler32 checksum is computed on a block of data, and the outcome value is shared or stored with the data. Then, when data is fetched or read, recalculation and comparison of the Adler32 checksum to the original checksum can be made to detect any error that may arise during transmission or storage.

84. EXIF Data Viewer

EXIF Data Viewer is an online tool that allows quick viewing of the EXIF metadata of the existing image file without uploading. It is known to support JPEG and TIFF formats.

EXIF Data Viewer

With the EXIF Data Viewer, you can browse the image file locally or from a URL, depending on your specific need. The reading process happens in the browser; hence, you are not required to upload anything to the Internet. For the existing EXIF metadata, all the fields will be shown accordingly. Only you have to copy the value of the field on the clipboard by selecting the text.

85. GOST Hash Calculator

GOST Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that receives input, mainly a string of letters, and forms a cryptographic hash outcome. The GOST hash function is the form of cryptographic hash function that gives a good level of security. For completing the action using hash keying and not conceding the provider access to encryption tools, hash keying is implemented in cloud computing.

GOST Hash Calculator

The GOST hash function stipulates using a 256-bit hash value to represent a message. The encrypted outcome is loaded with multiple zeros as per requirement for ensuring that the message is 256 bits. For calculating the GOST hash code for a message of any particular length, you will be required to input the message into the form. You will get the GOST hashcode as the output with numerous zeros according to the requirement to make the code 256 bits long.

86. Whirlpool Hash Calculator

Whirlpool Hash Calculator is a tool that helps users to form and store protected 128 hexadecimal passwords. Such passwords are mainly used for securing data and files. The whirlpool hash function is a cryptographic function that can receive and form a hash value for text.

Whirlpool Hash Calculator

The working of the Whirlpool Hash Calculator is quite easy. You have to enter the value or text in the provided box in the tools. Then you have to click on the option of Calculator Whirlpool. You will get the whirlpool hash formed quickly.

87. MD5 Hash Calculator

MD5 Hash Calculator is a tool used to calculate MD5 hash. The MD5 hash is generated by encoding any length string into a 128-bit fingerprint. It is based on the MD5 algorithm, which generates a 128-bit hash result when encoding the same string. Shorter strings are used with the MD5 hashes when storing passwords, sensitive data, and credit card numbers in databases like MySQL.

MD5 Hash Calculator

The use of this free online developer tool is to form an MD5 hash from a normal string, which varies up to 256 characters in length. The MD5 hashes formed help verify file data integrity because the MD5 hash algorithm always forms similar output for similar input. On this ground, a comparison of the hash of the source file with the newly formed hash of the destination file ensures that it is unchanged and complete.

88. SHA1 Hash Calculator

SHA1 Hash Calculator is a tool known to create 160-bit hash values for particular input, mainly referred to as "data" and "message". It works by processing the input with the SHA1 algorithm, a cryptographic hash function for producing a unique hash value that is utilized for validating the integrity of entered data.

SHA1 Hash Calculator

The SHA1 hash calculator implements mathematical operations, for example, bitwise operations and modular arithmetic on input. The algorithm's output remains fixed, directed to 160-bit hash values related to the input message. The SHA1 hash calculator is regarded as more secure than the MD5. It is an efficient free online developer tool for forming SHA1 checksum of any particular file to validate their uniqueness later or create the SHA1 hashes of users' passwords to prevent the passwords from being hacked.

89. SHA256 Hash Calculator

SHA 256 Hash Calculator is a free online developer tool that produces SHA256 hash with 64 hexadecimal digits. This value is utilized as secure passwords or the key for locking important data from leaks like money transactions and personal info.

SHA256 Hash Calculator

The use of the SHA 256 calculator is simple. You have to enter the plain text in the given field, and the tools allow creating 64 length characters of SHA256 hash string being irreversible. The calculation process utilizes a mathematical algorithm for data elements like text strings or documents. The hash function determines the algorithm to be used. It should be noted that hashing is a one-way process that is almost impossible to decrypt. Consequently, SHA256 is appropriate for challenge hash authentication, digital signature, and others.

90. SHA384 Hash Calculator

SHA384 Hash Calculator is an online tool that generates SHA384 hash having 96 hexadecimal digits. This free online developer tool helps secure passwords or as a key for locking important data from being leaked, like money transactions and personal info.

SHA3 Hash Calculator

The use of the SHA384 Hash Calculator is simple. You have to enter the plain text in the given field, and the tools allow creating 96 length characters of SHA 384 hash string being irreversible.

91. SHA512 Hash Calculator

SHA512 Hash Calculator is an online tool that helps determine the data's integrity. It also challenges hash authentication. It generates a 512-bit cryptographic hash by taking the string of characters as the input. Such a hash value explicitly shows the input. The SHA512 Hash Calculator recognizes any modifications or changes to the initial input by assuring the reliability of the data.

sha512 Hash Calculator

With the use of such a SHA512 Hash Calculator, the password can be saved securely and form digital signatures by encrypting the hash value with the personal key of the sender.

While using SHA512 Hash Calculator, it should be noted that decryption is not possible if the text entered is lengthy. This free online developer tool can maximum consider 2048 bytes length of input line, which this tool can take.

92. Find and Replace String

A software program called the Find and Replace String tool enables you to locate strings inside the code files and also assists you in replacing such phrases with newer ones. This tool may be applied in various situations, including word processing. With the assistance of this function, the tool will assist you in locating strings and other text within the files, and you may use the tool to modify strings.

Find and Replace String

Code Editing is another helpful function while operating on a lengthy test script. This free online developer tool assists you in maintaining your test scenarios or coding program as the third function, data processing.

93. HTML Escape

It is simpler to show HTML content in the pre> element using the straightforward tool HTML Escape, which transforms regular HTML into escaped HTML. The basic concept is to cipher the apostrophe and letters to render them less recognizable as tags. Escaping HTML may be put into an HTML document without compiling it to display code, which is one of its many uses. The tool utilized for easy HTML Escaping is one of its important characteristics.

HTML Escape

The application also helps you escape data expressed in Hyper Text Markup language, which conserves your time. Additionally, one may import a URL that downloads data to escape with HTML Escape. Special characters are represented in HTML code through HTML escaping. For instance, the HTML markup language contains a particular definition for the phrase " less than symbol >." With the help of this tool, you can change a string into HTML entities or HTML entities into plain text.

93. HTML Escape

It is simpler to show HTML content in the pre> element using the straightforward tool HTML Escape, which transforms regular HTML into escaped HTML. The basic concept is to cipher the apostrophe and letters to render them less recognizable as tags. Escaping HTML may be put into an HTML document without compiling it to display code, which is one of its many uses. The tool utilized for easy HTML Escaping is one of its important characteristics.

HTML Escape

The application also helps you escape data expressed in Hyper Text Markup language, which conserves your time. Additionally, one may import a URL that downloads data to escape with HTML Escape. Special characters are represented in HTML code through HTML escaping. For instance, the HTML markup language contains a particular definition for the phrase " less than symbol >." With the help of this tool, you can change a string into HTML entities or HTML entities into plain text.

94. HTML Unescape

HTML Unescape converts HTML entities that have been encoded back to their native character form. Ampersands (&) and angle brackets () are HTML special characters with specific meanings. To display these characters in an HTML document, special HTML entities must be employed to encode them. By substituting specific HTML characters for ASCII characters, the HTML. Unescape() technique enables us to turn an ASCII string into an HTML script.

HTML Unescape

This free online developer tool utility can transform plain text into HTML entities or transform HTML entities into a string. When HTML code is saved in a database or a variable, it is frequently translated to its numeric counterpart utilizing special HTML reserved characters and their mathematical counterparts specified in HTML. HTML Unescape restores the original character representation for any reserved HTML code.

95. Difference Checker

A free program for contrasting the contents of two files is called the Difference Checker online tool. Enter the two text strings you wish to compare into the appropriate fields on the website, then click Difference Checker. This free online developer tool evaluates each string's initial character to determine if it is more or less than the subsequent characters.

Difference Checker

A program that can be utilized to compare and contrast two sets of text files and identify their discrepancies is known as an online difference checker. The few benefits include being responsive, economical, and simple to operate.

96. Shuffle Letters

The Shuffle Letters tool creates a string with rearranged characters. It is produced by picking random characters from the original string and rearranging them into a new string. The arrangement of the characters is different from the original string in the shuffled string, though. An interface for entering a word or phrase and then shuffling the letters inside it is provided by an online service that shuffles letters.

Shuffle Letters

A new word, phrase, or whole sentence might result from shuffling the letter. These resources are simple and beneficial for various tasks, including crossword puzzles, word games, and creative writing. Online letter shufflers provide several capabilities, such as shuffling only particular words or jumbling words within a phrase. This free online developer tool offers a means of getting various random outcomes. When assembling a list of unique passwords or anagrams, this is helpful.

97. Shuffle Text Lines

The tool known as the Shuffle Text Line shuffles the lines of text inside a block of text. The result is a line-by-line duplicate of the original text. By rearranging the lines' appearance in the text, this utility aims to shuffle the text at random. It can be used for text processing, data analysis, or creative writing. Based on the provided input, a scrambled textual output is generated using the Fisher-Yates-Knuth method.

Shuffle Text Lines

A group of text lines is entered into the text lines shuffler, which produces them in a completely randomized design. For this, the Fisher-Yates-Knuth algorithm is employed. The algorithm behaves differently depending on how many lines are being concurrently shuffled.

98. Online Sorting List

The tool known as the Online Sorting List shuffles the lines of text inside a block of text. The result is a line-by-line duplicate of the original text. By rearranging the lines' appearance in the text, this utility aims to shuffle the text at random. This free online developer tool can be used for text processing, data analysis, or creative writing. Based on the provided input, a scrambled textual output is generated using the Fisher-Yates-Knuth method.

Online Sorting List

A group of text lines is entered into the text lines shuffler, which produces them in a completely randomized design. For this, the Fisher-Yates-Knuth algorithm is employed. The algorithm behaves differently depending on how many lines are being concurrently shuffled.

99. Split Your String

String splitting, or dividing a sequence of characters into numerous strings, is what Split Your String, a free online developer tool does. There are various options for dividing the string, such as separating when there is a gap between characters or using commas. String splitting is a technique used in programming to divide a string into an array of substrings depending on a predetermined delimiter.

Split Your String

A character or group of characters that divides substrings is known as a delimiter. The split method may be used in several computer languages, including Python, Java, and C#, and yields an array of substrings. For instance, you may divide a string using the supplied delimiter in Python using the str. split () function.

100. Lowercase Text

Uppercase characters are converted to lowercase letters using the Lowercase Text tool. In contrast to uppercase or mixed-case writing, which comprises both uppercase and lowercase characters, the lowercase text is written in smaller letters using this free online developer tool. It is the typical writing style used in many types of writing, including novels, essays, and web material.

Lowercase Text

Lowercase is a phrase derived from the traditional printing press, which preserves little characters in a case next to capital ones. Today's computing industry sometimes refers to text containing tiny characters as being in "lowercase." Lowercase letters also standardize writing, allowing you to search for information that is easier to read. All capital letters in the text box are changed to tiny letters with the Lowercase Text tool.

101. Text Uppercase

You may convert all lowercase characters to capital letters using the Text Uppercase tool. Simply copy the text, paste it into the box above, and press the button. The easiest tool for changing text instances in a browser is the Text Uppercase tool. By pushing a button, all text may be quickly converted to uppercase.

Text Uppercase

Conversion has no impact on punctuation, special characters, or numbers. Those who utilize word and other word processors are often used to adjust the text's case. There is a difference between lower and upper case (capital letters) (small letters). Most text input using a keyboard is lowercase.

102. Text Repeater

Text Repeater, also known as the text multiplexer tool, allows you to increase the number of words you write. When testing across several browsers, this tool is quite helpful. This free online developer tool will be beneficial if you need to examine a web form or see how well it processes enormous amounts of data because it makes it simple to create lengthy strings.

Text Repeater

You may use this free tool even if you have to develop test cases for various apps that require handling larger amounts of data. You may quickly produce strings without any problem because it's a special tool that offers a line and repeat separator and is free. This application lets you repeat the data, double the file, and save time when you upload the same information.

103. Online Text Rotator

For web software developers and programmers, Online Text Rotator is the quickest and most straightforward tool for cyclically rotating text. This free online developer tool allows you to spin a string's beginning or final letter.

Online Text Rotator

The Text Rotator spins the string's first or final letter in your chosen direction. You may move a letter in a sentence to the left or right with this tool. The text will relocate one character to the left if you choose the left option. The first letter in this scenario will appear at the end of the string. The letter from the text's end will advance to the front if you pick the correct direction. The Text Rotator only moves the first or final letter of the string.

104. Decimal to Roman

Ancient Roman history and literature frequently involve the conversion of Decimal to Roman. Recently, it is also utilized in architecture, religion, and other things for numbering. Mastering the Roman numeral system and the construction principles for Roman numerals is necessary to convert Decimal to Roman numerals.

decimal to roman

Seven symbols make up the Roman number system. Among the symbols are I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. I stands for one, V for five, X for ten, L for fifty, C for one hundred, D for five hundred, and M for one thousand. There are several restrictions on the types of numbers that can be expressed using the Roman numeral system since they lack the concepts of negative values, zero, and decimal points.

105. String Utilities

String Utilities by freeformatter is a free online developer tool. It has the purpose of manipulating strings. It gives the option for performing basic string changes. As you type your input, it can automatically count several aspects of the strings.

string utilities

With this tool, you can easily check the length of the paragraph or any given article by pasting a string in the input domain. Some aspects include character counts, word counts, line counts, lowercase, uppercase, reverse, contain, substring count, and split string.

106. Character Count

Programmers can examine the total amount of characters (including spaces) in a string of text or integers by using the Character Count to compute how long the string is. Just enter your string in the Enter Any String area, then click Count. The free online developer tool will accurately calculate the number of characters (including white space) in the input text.

character count

When composing an essay or a social media post and need to make sure you remain under a character restriction, for example, or when dealing with computer languages and need to know the precise number of characters in a string. Because certain platforms have character restrictions whereas others merely have word constraints, it could be helpful for social media marketing, crafting a tweet, and even SEO optimization.

107. Word Count

If you need to keep track of your words, Word Count is a helpful free online tool. Contrary to manually measuring words, which may be tiresome and prone to mistakes, this tool can save time and enhance accuracy. These programs may also be used to calculate your word-per-minute typing rate.

word count

You may determine your average word-per-minute rate by timing yourself for five minutes while using the online word counter, then reducing the total word limit by five. Our word count tool is distinct from other online word counters that save a copy of the text you enter on their servers.

108. Line Counter

You may examine the integrity of any string or document with the online Line Counter tool. Additionally, this free online developer tool enables programmers to gauge the work necessary to design software by measuring the size of the code. Just put any string into the box above to use the Line Counter tool, then click Count. It is simple to determine the words and the number of sentences in a brief paragraph or perhaps an entire page, but isn't it more difficult to do so for a complete book?

line counter

By duplicating and pasting the whole document into a Line Counter tool, you can immediately obtain the results and other details on the number of phrases and characters utilized in the text.

109. Sentence Count

To count the number of sentences in a particular article or document, use a Sentence Counter. This free online tool allows users to assess the length of their work and make any required modifications to ascertain the number of sentences it contains. Sentence Counter tools are used by experts in academic papers, digital technology, marketing communications, online content writing, blogging, transcribing, scriptwriting, dialogue drafting, and storytelling to produce exact and appropriate format write-ups.

sentence count

The Sentence Counter application has been expertly developed to run on all platforms and instantly give users accurate statistics. You may use this free online developer tool an infinite number of times.

110. Case Converter

Case Converter is a free online developer tool that helps quickly convert words and text to any case.

case converter

This tool has the following supported cases: lowercase, uppercase, camelCase, capital case, dot.case, header-Case, param-case, Swap cASE, and snake_case.

111. URL Parse

By quickly disassembling URLs into their parts, the URL Parser reveals the scheme, protocol, username, password, hostname, port, domain, subdomain, TLD—or top-level domain—path, and query string. Examining text or other material to ascertain its grammatical structure is known as parsing. To extract information and meaning from text, it is frequently employed in natural language processing and other disciplines.

url parse

For example, this free online developer tool may transform the text into a tree structure so it can be processed more understandably. Additionally, parsing may validate the input data's structure by ensuring the proper XML or JSON document format.

112. JSON Escape

Offending sequences that might lead to parsing issues are removed using JSON Escape. Backslashes, newlines, and other special characters will be substituted with their escaped equivalents. The easiest way to change existing characters without producing an error at runtime is to use escape characters, which replace characters in a Unicode string encoded in UTF-8 with certain escape sequences.

json escape

Using this free online developer tool, you may convert HTML into plain JSON, which displays HTML content in a preformatted tag. Special characters like " (quote), (backslash), and control characters must be escaped in JSON before they can be used in a string. To do this, use a backslash () in front of the special character to let the computer know it should be regarded as a regular character.

113. Unescape JSON

Unescape JSON is a technique for converting JSON strings encrypted with special characters, including newlines and quotations, to their original format after being converted to escape the special characters. In other phrases, JSON Unescape, a free online developer tool, transforms JSON strings into plain JSON so that text contained in 'pre' tags may be shown. When the code is processed, the escape notation character, often the backslash (), will be unraveled from every string.

json unescape

You may also nicely print or minify the code. Certain characters must be escaped to be correctly encoded in JSON. For instance, a newline character in a JSON string must be escaped as "n" to be appropriately represented in JSON. A quotation character will be escaped as " \." as well. So that the client may correctly read them, the special characters are left unescaped when sending JSON to a client.

114. Sort Text Lines

Sort text Lines by Code Beautify is a free online developer tool. It is used to sort lines based on alphanumeric and or case-insensitively, shuffle lines, reverse lines and add line numbers to text.

sort text lines

The use of this free online tool is mainly to sort, shuffle, and reverse lines. This could be explained with the example, which includes sorting CSS characteristics based on the alphabet. It can randomize the list of items and choose from the list. Further, it can add tracking numbers to the tracklist and others. The tool allows counting the number of lines, words, and characters when you type.

115. Extract Text from HTML Online

Extract Text from HTML Online is a free online developer tool that helps convert HTML code into plain text format, making it easy to read and share. This can be useful for cross browser testing and creating test cases for scenarios such as preventing users from posting HTML comments in web applications.

extract text from xml online

This program will strip all HTML tags from the user's input, leaving only text and anchor text. It can also extract strings from HTML by removing the tags. The output will be the strings located between the HTML tags, with the tags themselves removed.

116. Extract Text from JSON Online

Extract Text from JSON is a free online developer tool for converting JSON data to text. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data exchange format that's easy for people to read and write and for computers to understand and produce. JSON is an easy-to-read and used format for persistent data storage. The logical representation of data may be explained and understood using the JSON framework, which offers a human-readable collection of data.

extract text from json online

You may convert a JSON document into a text document using this free online tool for developers. It also makes retrieving tag names and node content from a JSON file easier. Text may be extracted from a JSON document using the tool Extract Text from JSON. All special characters are eliminated, leaving simply text between tags.

117. Extract Text from XML Online

Extract Text from XML Online is a free online developer tool. Data is sent and stored using the markup language XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Its major function is data storage and transport rather than web page display, despite sharing a structure with HTML, the language used to create web pages. Text extraction is the process of locating the specific XML (extensible Markup Language) elements or tags that contain the required content and then extracting it for usage elsewhere or analysis.

extract text from xml online

This free online developer tool may convert an XML document into a text document. It also makes retrieving node content and tag names from an XML document easier.

118. Free Strip HTML Online

The function Strip Tags (strips out all HTML and PHP tags from a string) may be used with a list of tags and allows you to remove all HTML and PHP tags from a string. The Free Strip HTML tool eliminates the tags or logic and applies to keep it in a new line using JavaScript regex. Just copy and paste your HTML code to eliminate the undesired HTML tags.

free strip html online

When someone wants to publish a piece of writing or a blog on a website they don't own or manage, they may use Strip HTML. In cases like these, when particular websites place limitations on the HTML content.

119. Free JSON Validator

In a sophisticated polygonal interface, the Free JSON Validator enriches and debugs JSON data. There are no popups or adverts in our LambdaTest JSON Validator, a free online developer tool. Loading the input into a JObject or JArray and using the IsValid (JToken, JsonSchema) function with the JSON Schema are the quickest and simplest ways to verify JSON Validation.

free json validator

As a result, despite using a basic programming language like JSON, developing code often needs the programmer to be concentrated and knowledgeable about their chosen language. Locating bugs or faults in JSON code might be difficult, and debugging can take a long time. The developer's time is saved by utilizing the online JSON Validator, which makes finding and fixing mistakes easier. The JSON Validator rapidly verifies the accuracy of your code or locates and highlights the sequence number bearing the mistake with a single click.

120. JSONLint

JSONLint is a code formatting tool and a validator for JSON. It is referred to as the lightweight, easy-to-use, and free online developer tool to get data interchange format.


You just have to insert, copy and paste or input the URL in the editor and click on the button. The JSONLint free online tool will start to authenticate the messy JSON code.


In the present post, we have presented 100+ free online developer tools for 2023. Currently, web and software development is required to be quick and, at the same time, cost-efficient. The different task in software development requires the involvement of diverse tools to be used. In this post, 100+ free online developer tools have been detailed to help you get all crucial information in one place.

No matter which tool you choose for the development process, users can access Free Online Tools provided by LambdaTest, which offers 100+ tools for a developer in one place.

LambdaTest is a continuous quality cloud testing platform that enables developers and testers to test their website and mobile applications across 3000+ real browsers, devices, and operating systems. In addition to this, the platform offers a collection of free online tools, utilities, and libraries that will be helpful to developers, testers, and designers in their day-to-day tasks, right from HTML, XML, and JSON formats and converters to robust test data generators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What free tools are available to make a website?

The following list includes some of the most popular tools for building your website: WordPress (the most popular CMS platform), Tumblr (great for blogs), Blogger (another great option for blogs), Squarespace (allows you to quickly and easily set up an online store).

Which tool is best for web development?

There are plenty of free, functional tools available online to help you make a website. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to create and host your website using these resources instead of paying a professional web developer or designer. With the right combination of products, you could have a working site within minutes. A great way to start is with Wix.com, which allows you to build a site without coding knowledge. Free templates are available, or you can start from scratch. Wix also offers a variety of SEO tools to help ensure your site is easy for people to find.

What is the best developer tool?

There are many different tools in the world of development that can make your life easier. Some tools are designed to automate repetitive tasks, and others are designed to assist you in coding. Here are some of the best developer tools you can find on the Internet: GitHub, Chrome Developer Tools, Sublime Text, Marvel, Visual Studio Code, Node Package Manager (npm), Sass, Bootstrap

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